3 places to get elamant leads online

If you are a member of Elamant. Chances are high that one way or the other you will hunt for people to be part of your elamant team. Talking to family and friends alone is not enough. At some point, you will feel like you have exhausted your warm market and you need to expand. In this article, I will share some of the different places/methods you can use to find elamant leads online. What I will share with you can be done in addition to the other recruiting efforts you are doing. If you live in Nigeria please go through my previous article where I shared my thoughts about the elamant in Nigeria. With that out of the way lets get to it


Built relationships first before you sign up people for elamant

As much as you want people to be part of your team many network marketing members put recruiting as their number one priority. Your goal at first hand is to build trust with your prospects. This means sharing a few messages before you share your business offer. Building relationships with elamant prospects can be difficult if you are new to the network marketing industry but it is doable. In our team, we value teamwork  In fact in order to win in Elamant you must learn to work together with others. Now let’s look at the first place where you can get leads for elamant.


1. MLM Gateway a social media channel for network marketers

Just like facebook was created for social purposes. You will find that there are some groups, pages, ads about MLM. Just so you know facebook does not like most make money online activities. I have tried to promote my offers many times and got in facebook jail. MLM gateway is the social media channel for network marketers. Most of its members are individuals interested in making money online. Being part of a channel like that can help generate leads for your Elamant Business. MLM gateway has two membership types free and paid version. I have been able to try both paid and free. If your budget permits, I would say go for the paid plan otherwise the free plan is good enough. One thing I like about MLM gateway is that you can search for members by country, place or region. This will give you an unfair advantage to have target countries to expand your Elamant business.

The video below explains how MLM gateway works in detail


2. Internet Pro Club Website

Internet pro club is a coaching program that is aimed at helping people get started with making money online. Though individuals can learn from the website there is a social element added to the website. If you can hang around these individuals and build relationships like I said earlier you can find some leads as well.

Forum on Internet pro club

There are different forums where individuals are asking questions. Some of the people asked questions, are people looking for ways to make money online. If you can offer then elamant business as a solution this can help you grow your team.

Publishing articles on internet pro club website

The website offers a great blogging experience this means you can write articles advertising your elamant business and sharing some tips as well.

Besides the connections, you can make on the website it is a great learning resource as well.

3. Youtube Comments

If you can search on youtube the topics around network marketing. Below the videos, in the comment section, you will see a lot of comments from different people. These people are also looking for ways to make money online. making connections with these people increase the chances of growing your elamant business. Remember your goal is to become friends with your prospects. Avoid spamming by all means.



I could on and share more resources that you can find leads for elamant. Make use of these few I mentioned, master the art of building relationships, and move on to other social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and so on. I hope this article has given you helpful resources. if you have any questions please leave a comment below article.


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