6 must read Elamant business success tips

Having worked with a number of people within elamant. There seem to be similarities in their characters. We have also worked with leaders, these are people who are making progress in elamant.  Leaders tend to do things differently than the rest of the people hence they see much progress. Let’s jump into a few things that can help you to speed up your elamant progress.

1. Understand how elamant works

There is a lot of buzz around the internet about people making money from uploading till slips from elamant. A friend may not explain in detail how elamant works or if they explain in detail one may miss out on other details. Have spoken to a number of people who always say ” I was not told this, I didn’t know that”. These and such statements alone show that you did not take the time to understand how elamant works. There are a number of ways to understand elamant besides the information that you get from a friend. See the video presentation on this page

2. Not staying up to date


Elamant has a facebook group where there are official updates that The elamant CEO Ryan Evans does. There he updates the community on the recent changes and the upcoming staff.  Most people don’t have time to watch the live video even the replays that are in the group. I have realized that a number of people rely on whatsapp texts yet everyone has a chance to hear from the horse’s mouth. Make sure you stay up to date with facebook live events.

3. Coming up with a strategy to grow your team

In any business set up, you have to have ways to expand your business. There are several ways to build a team. you have to have a plan that is duplicable. A plan that your team members will follow. If you go through training here it explains our team recruiting strategy that our team is using. There you will understand the difference between recruiting and duplication. Again another thing you need to have is a plan. Have a look at one of this webpages that our every one of our team members has click here

4. Wanting easy things

In life in order to have an easy life, you have to what is hard. If you are this kind of person who wants easy-going, life will be really hard. It takes a lot of courage to start making a substantial income. Ask a leader in elamant if getting to the top was an easy task. Stay away from the method that says this is too hard.

5. Facebook Files section

Elamant official facebook group has a file section where there is a lot of information uploaded there. this is a great resource to your elamant success. If you are a member of the official elamant facebook group check out the facebook group files section.

6. Team work makes the dream work

In elamant you need to value the effort of a team. Have work ethics and make sure you support your team embers and also have respect for the people that are giving you help within elamant.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. If I missed out on anything please leave a comment below. If you have any questions about elamant please contact us




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