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Courage is more valuable than capital

A friend of mine knew about elamant 4 months ago but he didn’t have money to join then. I checked with him weeks back and he said: “with this lockdown, things have gotten worse, I still don’t have money to join”. As they say, the rest is history.
How many times have you heard people say they have no money to join elamant? What did they do about it?
Here is a story the proves that courage is more valuable than capital.

*The social media advert*

One guy saw my facebook post about elamant, He decided to join my (prospects) whatsapp group for discussions. He had a number of questions about elamant, I suggested to him and other group members to join the elamant online presentations that I do everyday at 6pm.
(Link to the online presentations that happens every day at 6pm)

*The first call*

Soon after the online presentation, he called me wanting to meet me in Harare so that he joins elamant. I asked if he had money to join he said “NO”. Then I refused to meet him until he had the $99 dollars to join elamant. I also indicated that I stay a bit far (45km) from Harare and due to lockdown I am not able to leave the house. If the money is ready he would have to give it to a friend in Harare and will send an elamant psss.

*I now have 20*

After two days he called me again to say he has now found $20.00 and he is looking for the rest of the money. My response was “ok get in touch when the money is $99.00”

*No excuses*

One of my policies when it comes to elamant I don’t spend a lot of time on people that have excuses. Now and then I remove everyone from my (prospects) whatsapp group who have not joined elamant & focus on people that are ready to take action. My focus is more on smaller numbers in my (prospects) whastapp group so that everyone gets the chance to have their questions answered before they join elamant. Once someone becomes an elamant member they are moved to the members’ only group.

*Removed from the group chat*

It was then time for me to remove everyone from the whatsapp group. So I did including this guy. When he realized I had removed him from the group he called me again to say he had $40.00. My response was the same “make it $99.00”

*The move that changed everything*

He called me again to say he had come to the area I stay to see me. What?, I didn’t say come let’s meet” Well since he made an effort I had to go and meet him. To my surprise, he still had the $40.00 I thought his money was $99.00

*Then this came to my mind*

1. This guy came all the way from Harare to meet me?
2. I speak to a lot of people who say they don’t have money & do nothing about it. All they do is complain but this guy’s courage moved me.
3. Just like my friend I spoke about earlier he never made an effort.
4. A lot of people will make so many excuses and remain broke.
5. Remember change will only come when you do something.
I asked if he had people that are ready to join elamant so that he doesn’t pay for his membership in 28 days. He said ” No I would have to figure out what to do”
I have met people who say let me find people first then I join.
I could not resist helping him, with the way he showed how courageous he was.


*Sharing notes and ideas*

We went to my place for breakfast. He explained how he had to borrow internet data from his uncle to join the elamant online presentations. We spent some time together answering his most burning questions about elamant, sharing ideas on team building and so on.

*A founder in 3 days*

The guy became an elamant founder in 3 days, He is now working on becoming a consultant.
This is one of the amazing stories I will always remember in my elamant journey.


*Courage is valuable than capital*


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