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Disadvantages of Being an Elamant member

To begin

For anyone considering joining the crusade, there are quite a bit of perks in being a member of Elamant, but I will keep it tight-lipped for now. Sometimes modesty goes a long way. As this article is all about the disadvantages of being a member of Elamant. 

“All negativity is an illusion created by the limited mind to protect and defend itself.” 

I have read some things online about Elamant as a company, that don’t portray them in the best of light. Nearly everything I have read is from bloggers who have never actually been members of Elamant. I don’t want to sound overly rosy. There are some drawbacks when working at a company like this. For one thing there really isn’t much in the way of job security or formal training programs or anything like that. It is less structured, so you must be a self-starter.



As the saying goes, negativity is cannibalistic. The more you feed it, the bigger and stronger it grows. Most people start with zealous energy only to dwindle along the wayOnce you are negative about your job ultimately you will not proceed beyond the first level. You will get stuck and it may seem as though you are left with no option but to quit. This mostly occurs during the first three to six months. There comes a saturation point though, beyond your wildest dreams in which your business growth gets steady.

Is it a scam?

Besides your inner negativity, you also have to fend off negativity associated with this industry. The company you represent (Elamant) will be knocked down on all sides. It can sometimes be difficult to establish when something is real or when it’s just a scam. While there are certainly rotten potatoes out there it does not mean all the potatoes in the bag are rotten, it is not a true reflection of the entire industry. Yet the stigma of negativity does exist through experiences of people and due to pyramid schemes. Unfortunately, this you can’t run away from. It’s something that you have to deal with when interacting with potential members.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”   

It’s a people’s business

Most importantly, in Elamant you will interact with new people and have to communicate with them. This requires tenacity, communication and interpersonal skills. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses these skills. Elamant is a people business for the people. Not people as consumers, but people as assets because it all comes down to recruiting and duplicating. For you to truly succeed in Elamant, you must have your ducks in row and focus on building a team. With receipts alone, you will not make as much. As you build your team you will find that superstar. Until then, you will have to do with the one-hit wonders and try to keep them motivated long enough.

Outmoded marketing

Another disadvantage you may encounter in Elamant might be the marketing methods used by people that are simply out of date. They may still focus heavily on face to face interactions whereas there are other options available for them to explore. I mean, need I say this! We live in the millennia of technology. While building in-person relationships is important, it is extremely limiting as well when it comes to your time. You can only be in one place at a time and this lack of new strategies and techniques can limit your earning potential. In comparison, online marketing is less considered. People want to bombard their family and friends. Many people who join Elamant for the first time are not used to talking to people, strangers are worse or discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their business opportunity.

It’s not yours

Elamant may have these advantages and give you all the benefits. You may work yourself into a shoot, the fact remains you do not own the company. Your name is not on it. You have no control over the prices or the service line. When things change you must suck it up and move on and go back to the people and explain what you have already told differently. You run your business within the boundaries set by the company (Elamant).

Not a get rich quick scheme

Unfortunately, if you were thinking of making quick bucks you are dead wrong. Think again! Elamant doesn’t roll like that. It will take a lot more than that for you to make money. If you are in it for receipts, first payment will be in sixty days. To make more money you must build a team that you will mentor, train, educate; and be paid by the company for the services you provide. Just like any other business it takes time to build, this may be the time that you do not have.


When you first start in Elamant many people will tell you “NO”. That negative response (No) will seem like eternity, it will continue for the longest time in this business. When you are just starting out with Elamant you may have a conversion rate of 10%. This means out of 100 people that you approached, about 90 of them are going to turn the opportunity down. When you get discouraged, remember your “WHY”, the rejection is not the end of the world. You just need to refine your strategies.

Great mentors are hard to come by

It’s a dog-eat-dog out there in the world and any new vibrant blood coming into Elamant is a potential threat. If you are great at recruiting and duplicating and are proceeding up the ladder with your own downline, the sponsor who helped you when you first started may no longer want to be your mentor. Some sponsors don’t even bother with mentorship at all. That’s a cold hard reality. A worse kind of disadvantage you can come across in this business. 


I leave it up to you to decide if Elamant is for you or not. But do keep in mind that with every business out there, they all have their hidden skeletons in the closet. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns! My advice is, read both the advantages and the disadvantages of being an Elamant member then make your final decision.


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