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Elamant Compensation Program Explained

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Who doesn’t want to be compensated for work done excellently? Imagine a company that will not only do this but do this at the minimalist of efforts from its members. You are probably thinking that is too good to be true, right. Let me enlighten you my friends!

Change found me before seeking it out

Well, it was one of those days when I thought how I could make changes in my life. Bring more excitement, bring on more challenge, test myself to the limit, and get the hell out of my comfort zone.

You see, I am an introvert, and you will soon come to understand why this business brings on such a challenge for a person like me, and all the other things I have mentioned above.

My Elamant Journey

It was in the afternoon of the 2nd of April 2020 when this journey took shape and form. My sister decided to budge in into my sanctuary, I call home. Without calling or texting. Because she had this opportunity, she had to share with me. She felt she needed to convince me about it. Unbeknown to her that I had resolved to taking a step towards changing my life.

My sister and I are total opposites, we are a day as it is to a night, winter as it is to summer. Get my drift? She is an Extrovert as I am an Introvert. She started telling me about this Elamant and how it worked. The fact that I had listen puzzled her because before that time, I was anti-network marketing business shenanigans. I hated the hyped-up stories that always seem to part of it. The get rich quick scheme kind of stories.

The seed was planted

After my sister had left, the search began. I was skeptical. I had to recite a mantra over and over “be open-minded, be open-minded or else you’ll never find the change you so much want.” I went to ‘Professor Google’ for answers. Of course, like any other network marketing opportunity, you will get positive and negative reviews. I read through the negative reviews, I read through the positive. My resolve wavered. I wasn’t sure anymore.

Thinking cap had to be on as I sat and thought about what was I going to do with the acquired information. Again, I went back to consult Prof. Google once more and searched for “what is Elamant all about.” I stumbled upon the videos by Kuda [The Online Nomads]. I watched the videos, by the time I was done I was willing to take a chance on this.

Have you ever noticed that the funniest and craziest things are often the things we remember most? I say this because what happened next surprised both my sister and I. I am the kind of person who is labeled all sorts of names…stuck up, reserved, snobbish, aloof and many more. People don’t understand me, and they feel entitled to their formed opinions about me.

Earlier, I mentioned that you will come to realize how this was a needed challenge to break free of my comfort zone. And why it was the most ludicrous and absurd, of all things I could have gotten myself into. How in the hell was I going to recruit being the person that I am…laughable isn’t?

The Destination

Let us find out. Of course, my sister was not able to tell me about the benefits of being a member of Elamant as she was new in it as well. What was on her mind then was to get someone to sign up under her and quick. In a matter of days, I was ready to join and be a member of Elamant. Yet, my sister was selfless and directed me to someone else to join. The very person I have been watching his videos online when I wanted answers about Elamant. Because you see, in this business you can’t work as an Island, this business is all about support, about teamwork. Of which she felt she was not getting in her current team. I am grateful for what she did.

Now, I am going to tell you what my sister had failed to tell me when introducing me to Elamant probably due to her lack of understanding. Pray she doesn’t see this because she thinks she the brains in our family.

What I get in Elamant and what you can get

Since Elamant is a Membership Club and Data Collection Company. One needs to subscribe monthly to keep the membership going. Subsequently, they have a unique way to make sure that its members’ subscription is covered. Without them having to dig in from their pockets. On top of that, earn an hourly compensation for services provided to the company.

The Elamant Consultant Compensation Program has two parts:

Part one

Free Premium Membership: This requires that you maintain three active members that are signed up directly under you and the subscription remains free.

Free Subscription
Elamant Free Subscription begins here

As a result, immediately after the enrolment of the third member one becomes a founder. Then one receives five renewal points (RP) daily if you remain a founder or a rank above. Furthermore, each renewal point is equivalent to $1 USD and the $99 USD for the subscription will be deducted from renewal points accumulated. Thus, this renders the subscription free.

One thing to remember:

  • Renewal Points are non-transferable
  • Are not be used for any purpose other than renewing or activating membership.

Part Two

Hourly Consultant Opportunity: by growing and supporting a team you may receive an hourly compensation from $20 up to $450. How cool is that?

To clarify, bear this in mind, Elamant is not a Multi-Level-Marketing Company. Elamant simply pays according to the services a consultant provides for the company. Therefore, ranking up to other service levels comes with more responsibilities hence it goes without saying that one should earn more.

How does the company know how much per hour the consultants will qualify for

Elamant is like other traditional businesses in this regard. As one ranks up to other service levels the more the responsibility one gets and the more money one qualifies to earn.

To earn consultant fees one needs to educate, train and support one’s team or consultant fees will not be earned.

The first paying service level is Consultant rank. In this level one has to maintain three direct active referrals, and support a team of twelve people. The team of twelve includes the direct referrals one has.

The consultant rank pays $100 usd weekly. Depending on the service level one is at; the earnings can increase drastically as one ranks up and for this to happen it is essential to building a team.

The rankings in Elamant:

  • Consultant
  • Senior Consultant
  • Executive Consultant
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Executive Manager
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Executive Director
  • Wood Executive
  • Fire Executive
  • Earth Executive
  • Metal Executive
  • Water Executive
  • Elamant Executive

I am not going to delve into how each service level requires, but take a look at the chart below for each service level requisites.

Copmensation Chart
Elamant Consultant Compensation Chart

The rewards of a teamwork

How unique is this? This is achievable. The key here is to teach, train, support, and finding the best team to work with. Everything else will fall into place. There is no contesting the importance of teamwork in this business. It’s all about teaching your team what you know and them teaching their teams what they have been taught and their teams teaching what they know. In simple terms it means duplication.

To conclude

To succeed and reach the highest levels of rewards in this business it takes a willingness to learn. One’s mind becomes open and forms new perspectives and conquering one’s fears becomes a child’s play. As a result, find that life is not all what I have always known it to be.

For any questions you may have about Elamant, please leave a comment below or get in touch with me on this number:  +27662579795

You may also visit here for more information.

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