Elamant Data Rewards Program Explained

Elamant Data Rewards Program

⏳Elamant strive to offer the very best in shopping data reward benefits for its members.

⏳One of the ways this is done, is by allowing members to share their current shopping experiences through “receipt data” for rewards and points.

⏳With the collection of data, Elamant’s goal is to create specific consumer reports and sell advertising to local merchants, marketing partners, and big data companies.

⏳As you upload receipts from your shopping, you can redeem them for “Data Points” every thirty days.

⏳Data Points, in turn, can be redeemed for Elamant Enrollment Passes (E-Pass) and other payouts coming soon.

Submitting a Redemption Request:

⏳The member may submit a request to redeem receipts for Data Points (a “Redemption”) every 30 days or 30 days from the last redemption submitted.

⏳On the date that the receipt redemption is submitted, it will go into the verification and approval process for a 30-day period.

⏳On the 31st day, if approved, the total amount of the requested redemption will be immediately converted and deposited into Data Points account.

⏳To make the understanding of the process clearer, you have 30 days of shopping and 30 days of processing for the database to filter, approve, and process buying habits.

⏳If a member is submitting Data Rewards redemption (Receipts) every 30 days, they will receive redemption deposits into the Data Points account every month after the first initial 60 days.

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