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Elamant Free Trail & Premium Membership Explained

This article explains the different types of Membership on elamant

? Anyone who has successfully completed the registration process in the Elamant Portal is an Elamant Member.

? As a Member, the account status will either be ‘Active’, ‘Inactive’, or ‘Terminated’.

? Active Member: An “Active Member” is a Member who currently maintains a fully paid membership subscription (every 28-day cycle).

? Active membership status is only awarded when the subscription fee is paid.

Types of membership on elamant (VIDEO)

? Free/Trial Member: A “Trial Member” it is when a member chooses the “Free” option when registering.

? The free/trial membership is for evaluation purposes only and will expire to ‘Terminated’ status after 60 days.

? A Free/Trial Member does not have the option to enroll trial/free members can only refer Premium members.

? At any time during the free membership, the Member may upgrade to Active Premium Membership and they will receive a NEW membership cycle.

? By upgrading the membership, the Member will no longer be eligible to become a Free/Trial Member.

? Inactive Member: An “Inactive Member” is a Member who does not currently maintain a fully paid membership subscription.

? A Member may only remain as an Inactive Member for up to 60 consecutive days before entering into a ‘Terminated’ membership status.

? An Inactive Member may become Active by paying the subscription fee either direct to the company or by means of an Elamant Pass.

? Once reactivated, the Member will then immediately change to “Active” status.

? If a member goes to Inactive status, the system will calculate any days of inactivity and deduct these days once a member renews an account.

? Example: If a member goes inactive on July 1st and does not renew the account until July 10th, the member will only be active for the remaining 18 days until the renewal becomes due on the original renewal date of July 28th.

? Terminated Member: A “Terminated Member” is a Member who remains in an Inactive or Free/Trial status for more than 60 consecutive days.

? On the 61st day of consecutive inactive status, the member will enter Terminated Member status.

? Each Terminated Member will be removed from the membership database and will no longer have any rights to access or renew their membership in the Elamant Portal.

? If a Terminated Member wishes to reactivate their account, they must enroll again as a new Member.

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