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Elamant Receipts that are Eligible for Data Rewards

Receipts that are Eligible for Data Rewards

? For receipts to be eligible for submission, they must contain a purchase from a retail store.

? The retail store must offer retail items (not ‘wholesale’).

? A retail item is any physical item that is purchased from a retail store and the sale from that item creates a profit to the business.

? Retail purchases include, but are not limited to:

– electronics

– grocery items

– petrol/fuel

– dining out (cost of food only and not including tips or gratuity)

– prescription medication

– clothing

– automotive parts

– school supplies etc.

? Note: The purchase of prepaid gift cards, prepaid credit/debit cards, fuel cards/vouchers, or any other form of money exchange is not considered a retail purchase and will not be approved for a data rewards redemption.

? Elamant is interested in the buying habits of our everyday shoppers. Consequently, retail receipts must be under a certain total dollar value to be eligible for Data Rewards.

? Each retail receipt must be within $5 USD to $200 USD subtotal per receipt.

? The system will accept a retail receipt of UP TO a $500 USD subtotal, but only $200 USD will apply for the maximum of the weekly shopping allowance.

? ANY retail receipt subtotaling over $500 USD will not be accepted, as this have been classified as not an “everyday” shopping purchasing habit.

? Example: Member submits $800 USD of shopping receipts in a thirty-day period, uploading $200 in receipts each week of that period.

? Shopping receipts must be in cash, If a debit/credit card is used, the last 4 digits are required along with the other receipt when uploading (remember when purchasing with a card one receives 2 receipts)

? Information on receipts:

– Store name

– Address

– Date

– Items bought. Info must be clear

? The receipt submissions will be calculated at 20% per receipt for a maximum total of 40 Data Credits per week thus earning 160 Data Credits towards the Redemption.

? Note: Taxes added to your purchase totals, such as value-added taxes (VAT), Sales Tax, or any other form of Tax, will not be accepted for Data Rewards.

? Hence it is advisable to submit receipts with the value of more than $200 USD inclusive of tax

Coming up next will be Data Credits and Data Rewards and the difference thereof

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