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Elamant: Redemption Steps.

As per the Member Policies & Procedures guidelines of Elamant:

Submitting a Redemption Request:

The member may submit a request to redeem receipts for Data Points (a “Redemption”) every 30 days or 30 days from the last redemption submitted.

Note: The first redemption will be available 30 days from the time the member has completed the required data entry in the Shopper’s Profile. A one-time maximum of 100 Data Points will be allowed for this initial redemption.

On the date that the receipt redemption is submitted, it will go into our verification and approval process for a 30-day period. On the 31st day, if approved, the total amount of the requested redemption will be immediately converted and deposited into your Data Points account. To make the understanding of our process clearer, you have 30 days of shopping and 30 days of processing for the database to filter, approve, and process buying habits. If a member is submitting Data Rewards redemption every 30 days, they will be receiving redemption deposits into the Data Points account every month after the first initial 60 days.

Watch the video Explanation below:

Now let me explain to you step by step how this works and why it works this way.

The first month (30 days) as a new member:

  • Week 1 (7 days) – Once you have joined Elamant and you are expected to upload your first set of receipts within the first week. Your account is then credited with 40 data points for those receipts.
  • Week 2 (14 days) – When you upload your second set of receipts for that week, your account will be credited 40 more data points, putting your total at 80 data points.
  • Week 3 (21 days) – When you upload your third set, it will bring your total at 120 data points.
  • Week 4 (28 days) – With your forth upload, your total data points will add up at 160.
  • Day 30 (redemption) – Redeem your first 100 data points out of 160 points as stipulated in the company’s Member Policies and Procedure for initial redemption. (Step by step procedure on how to do so is stated below).

Chart Illstration:

NOTE: Our weeks are from Sunday to Saturday and there is a timer in your back office to help you keep track and you don’t miss deadlines or mix receipts up. Each redemption happens every 30 days.

  • Week 5 – upload receipts to be credited points. (60 points rollover from last month’s data points, plus 40 data point from that week equals a total of 100 data points).
  • Week 6 – upload receipts to be credited 40 points for a total of 140 data points.
  • Week 7 – upload receipts to be credited 40 points for a total of 180 data points.
  • Week 8 – upload receipts to be credited 40 points for a total of 220.
  • 60 days (payday and redemption) – You will get paid for your first 100 data points you redeemed on day 30. Each data point is worth one United States Dollar (US$1), therefore a 1:1 ratio is used – 100 data points for US$100.
    • You will also redeem your second set of data points which will be 200 points leaving you with a balance of 20 data points.
  • The process will continue week after week. Receipts for data points.
  • On day 90 – you will be paid for the 200 data points you redeemed the previous month and the cycle will continue.

NOTE: You will NOT be credited data points if you do not upload receipts; you will also NOT be credited data points if you upload receipts that do not meet the regulations and requirements; you will NOT be credited the full data points if you upload less than the required value amount of receipts; AND if you do not manually go to your back office to redeem your data points, your points will not be processed for redemption – meaning they will just keep accumulating but you will NOT get paid from them.

The Procedure:

Once you have logged in to your account, the page will open onto the Elamant social media platform. To find where you will redeem your data:

  • Click on the three lines on the top left menu button to expand it.
  • Then click on the Backoffice
  • Scroll down to where it says Data Rewards.
  • Then click where it says Redemption.
    • When it opens the page, your data credits will be stated, and directly above it, there will be a blue button written Redeem Now.
  • A pop up will show on the screen that says Redemption Submission.
    • There you will Redeem Data Credits.
    • There will be options given for redeeming 100 data credits or redeeming 200 data credits.
    • On your initial redemption, you select the 100 data credits option for redemption as per the company’s Member Policies and Procedures.
    • Click on the Submit
  • Once the data redemption request has been submitted, the system will notify you that it will be processed within 30 days and it will give you a redemption ID number.
  • You will also notice at this point that your data points you have submitted for processing have been deducted, therefore you have fewer points in your account now.
  • From there, you carry on as usual uploading receipts on a weekly basis until your next Redemption in 30 days’ time.


Redeeming your data points is just as important as correctly uploading your receipts. One cannot successfully exist without the other if you want to get paid and paid in full. Always remember to follow the company guidelines and everything will go smoothly.

If you have any questions about Elamant, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to join, contact me (Via WhatsApp) on +263719228114 and follow this link to create a US$99 premium account. I will be your Elamant mentor. For graciously taking the time to read through my article: CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!

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