Elamant Review.

Elamant is an exclusive club that can be found in many countries worldwide. Being a membership benefits club, Elamant provides many advantages within its platform. These include shopping rewards, travel experiences, amazing deals and discounts, a social platform, and the main thing everyone wants… The Consultant opportunity to earn a weekly salary.

(Read more about Elamant and its Journey as a company here)

Benefits Explained.

  • Shopping Rewards

    We all love shopping for those special luxuries, but we also enjoy the necessities. Things that we need every day, such as groceries, fuel, restaurant meals, and medicine. Elamant strives to offer the very best in shopping data reward benefits for our members and one of the ways we do this is by allowing their members to share their current shopping experiences and receipt data for rewards and data points! What makes this program so incredible is that you can continue to shop where you already shop with NO change to your current buying habits.

  • Travel Experiences

    Elamant has huge discounts and are that confident they offer the Best Price guarantee. They will credit you if you find a booking cheaper somewhere else! They strive for Excellence! Save anywhere from 30-70% on travel by booking directly with Elamant Travel. As an Elamant member, you have access to over 240,000 hotels and resorts around the world, all while enjoying exclusive wholesale rates and receiving their travel guarantee that lets you go with peace of mind. Find the same flight or hotel on the same day that’s cheaper anywhere else, and they’ll pay 110% of the difference. They take a mere 1% commission or less on all the travel that we book, rather than the standard 5-8% that most other travel companies charge.

  • Social Platform

    Their other benefit within the Platform is their very own Social media platform. Elamant is not trying to be the Next Facebook or Twitter but they believe in connecting people around the World. This will also help when their new value products get announced later.

  • The Consultant Opportunity

    Their service model is simple, get paid hourly for the work you will already do. By training, educating, and supporting your growing network of Elamant members, you may qualify to receive hourly compensation. With their Exclusive Consultant Program, Consultants are paid for the services they provide for our company and compensated at an hourly rate. There are many service levels within The Consultant Program. Members who have ranked earn $20-$450 per hour for training, supporting, and educating your team. So to rephrase what I have been saying… If members have the desire to help, possess the abilities, and want to enhance their business skills, then they can make money. They don’t want people selling; they want them to support others! You can read more about that here.

You can also read more about Elamant Benefits here.

Is This Real?

The legitimacy of Elamant has somewhat always been in question. People say that it’s too good to be true… This is what the CEO of Elamant, Ryan Evans had to say about that.

(This is an extract from the interview he had with Kuda [KudaOnline] from The Online Nomads – you can find the full interview transcript and video here)

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO):

Well, I mean, it depends on how they were marketed, OK? If they’re looking at something and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, OK? So be very careful about how they’re being marketed. There’s reality, and there’s hype. You think every supermodel on Instagram looks like that in real life? I mean, when you look at them, they might not have every airbrush and every perfect thing. But on Instagram, they look absolutely perfect!

I’m saying that only because people tend to present the best of the best and only the best. But yet you’ve got to understand that there’s some reality as well. So if it’s too good to be true, please ask more questions. That’s what I would say. I want to be realistic with you. I don’t want to be ‘over salesy’ and hype because I personally believe it’s amazing. It’s too good to be true? Well, it is true! You know? That’s how I believe it. I get excited about it. Like, you know, this stuff only comes once in a lifetime!

But don’t take that as an enticement.  For me, I would prefer you to look at the facts. Find out if it’s better for you. And understand that not everybody is a shopper. Not everybody can shop enough to benefit at the maximum here, you know?

I always tell my leaders and all the people that I am personally talking with is that, fine a person that fits, like a piece of the puzzle. You don’t try to force puzzle pieces to fit, OK? You know, if it’s for them. They’re going to ask the right questions. When they get their questions answered, they’re going to come up with one of two decisions. It is for me or it isn’t for me. That’s it! And that’s all you want. Make sure they have enough information to make an educated decision. So if it’s too good to be true, they need to ask more questions. That’s my answer to that.

What’s The Catch?

  • There is a US$99 joining fee – Not affordable to everyone, but that’s also what makes Elamant an “Exclusive, Membership Benefits Club”.
  • 60 day waiting period to get your first paycheck (initial pay-out is only US$100) – There is a waiting period as a new member for your first paycheck if you are solely with the company for the shopping rewards (data rewards).
  • A US$99 monthly (28-day cycle) subscription – The US$99 is not a once-off payment, you have to subscribe on a monthly basis. The fact that it’s on a short cycle doesn’t help either.
  • Pay-out is on a monthly cycle of 30 days – The pay-out cycle is longer than the subscription cycle.
  • You have to submit the receipt maximum worth of US$200 as your minimum every week. This is to ensure you get the maximum 20% monthly cashback of US$200.
  • The fact that there is a cap on the number of receipts you can submit and how much you can then earn.
  • You work for your money when you are part of The Consultant Program – Elamant is not an MLM. If you do not submit a detailed report on a weekly basis of the duties you have fulfilled as a consultant of the company, you will not get paid in full or at all.
  • Traveling has never been cheap, so even to the average Joe, with all the discounts, traveling might still be out of reach.


When it’s all said and done, there are some real pros and some real cons to joining Elamant. Like the CEO said, not everyone is a shopper. So you have to judge for yourself and see if you can get with the requirements of being part of the club. Is Elamant for you?

Finally, Elamant is registered in Singapore on the government website and has been running since 2017. This gives Elamant Credibility. It’s just – 2 legit! 2 legit to quit! (Sorry – giggles. I couldn’t help myself…)

If you have any questions about Elamant, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to join, contact me (Via WhatsApp) on +263719228114 and follow this link to create a US$99 premium account. I will be your Elamant mentor. 


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