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Elamant: Time Reporting

Why are my Consultant hours declined?

The importance of Time Reporting, and doing it accurately while at it. To avoid mishaps.

As a Consultant you have a contracted responsibility to record and report the hours that you spend helping your team members and company by supporting, educating, and training.

Quality of work

Please understand that Elamant’s internal compliance department is working overtime to ensure the quality of work is being done per the terms and conditions of the Policies and Procedures document.

Ensure Support

They need to ensure that members are getting all the support and help that they need. Consultants that have submitted hours throughout the week and have made an effortless attempt to submit hours by entering a short description for a lot of hours claimed or by copying and pasting the same descriptions over and over are being declined.

Detailed account

Please take the time to elaborate what value you are bringing to the company and be specific. Elamant pays a lot of money for good, quality work to be done. Consequently, it needs to ensure that this is taking place.

Weekly earnings not paid…? This may be the reason. 

? The system has changed there is no more waiting for your sponsor/upliner to do inquiry on your behalf.

? Please! If a payment is  missed make use of the  helpdesk from your backoffice. 

? Send your ticket number along with the support response to your Upliner, so that she/he can follow up or assist if possible. 

? Those who missed their weekly payment, this might be the case:

▫️You have copied and pasted previous week’s time entry.  

▫️The report given is unclear and illogical that it makes it difficult for support to comprehend activities rendered. Hence, leading to the payment being declined. 

▫️Hours submitted for time reporting and activities done do not match.

Trained agents

Elamant’s support department has trained agents who are there for the benefit of the members. 

Learn the business

So, take the time to learn the business, this will save you from unnecessary complaints because you would know when to lodge a complaint with help desk. 


Piece of advice, your upliner is responsible to guide and mentor you. Make sure you you hold your sponsor to this obligation. Until you learn and stand on your two feet. 

Please learn about time reporting it is  important…with the dawn of Elamant  migration things have changed and still continue to change. You have to keep up or lose out!

You may contact me on: +27662579795 if still want clarity.

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