GetR5000.00 Bonus from elamant this January

New Year Foundation Elamant Promotion!

Every building and structure must start with a strong foundation. The strength of the entire building relies on its ability to hold the structure and keep it upright. Well built foundations will keep the occupants of the building safe during high winds, earthquakes, storms, and other unforeseen disasters.

Here at Elamant, we believe the same principle applies to our business. Our Founders are the core ‘foundation’ that ensures the rest of our business operates with strength and power. Founders are our recruiters and marketers. Consultants and above get paid to educate, train, and support these Founders with all their effort.

Get to Founder Rank between January 12th and January 31st to receive a Founders Bonus of R5000! (estimated about $350 USD) This will be a 1-time credit deposited to your New Consultant wallet on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020 by 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST).

The “Founders” will support ALL Service levels. Here are a couple of examples:

-If you are currently a Consultant, you need 28 active members to advance to Senior Consultant OR just 10 people getting to Founder!

-If you are currently a Director, you will need 250 active members to advance to Senior Director OR just 83 people getting to Founder!

Founders Bonus Terms and Conditions:

*Must be a Member and maintain an active membership throughout the promotional period (January 12th – January 31st, 2020)

*Must have attained the rank of Founder during the qualifying promotional period

*Members that have attained the rank of Founder during the qualifying promotional period and have advanced to Consultant service level or above WILL still qualify for the Founder’s Bonus.

*Members that became Founder rank between January 5th – January 12 also qualify due to the weekly system calculation

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