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Joining Elamant in Namibia

The frenzy

With the controversy surrounding Elamant in Namibia, for some of the people, Elamant might be the last thing on their mind. This though doesn’t mean that every Namibian is not interested in wanting to know more about or even join Elamant. Moreover, it is safe to say that not all Namibians live in Namibia.

The Fear

In my opinion, adults should be able to make their own choices for what they deem fit towards their financial freedom. Fear not, in this day and age of technology and online marketing it’s easy to run a business online using basic strategies. You don’t have to talk to people around you about Elamant. You can run your business entirely online in the comfort of your own home connecting with people all over the world. Believe me this is possible. Our team has the necessary resources in achieving this. Watch the video it will answer most of your burning questions. Elamant may not be working in Namibia right now but it is working globally. After all you and you alone can decide if this opportunity is for you or not.


Elamant is an online membership rewards platform that is created to support its members. When you join and become a member, much like a golf club or gym membership, you receive many benefits and rewards!

Elemant’s goal is to collect point of sale data from shoppers and generate revenue by providing target advertising to merchants and marketing partners globally.

Want to join?

I will let you in on the nitty-gritty of Elamant opportunity. You can join as a free member while you are testing waters but you won’t have access to the benefits until you activate your account. Simplest way is to get your hands on more information about Elamant then make a decision based on that and not what others are saying.

Elamant’s membership fee is $99 usd this is payable every month on day 28. This membership monthly fee can be avoided if you bring 3 people within 8 days that will join and remain active premium members. Worry not if you don’t have 3 people on day 8. Whenever you’re able to bring and become founder you’ll start earning 5 renewal points daily. In this case you will have to pay subscription one more time or two more times, for you to understand this, read about it here.

How to pay for membership fee?

When you are ready to join Elamant this is how you will pay for your joining fee. This will depend greatly on where your sponsor is based. You can use a bank tranfer of deposit, money market, or mukuru. some of the available options:

  • Shoprite
  • Standard bank

Options of payment

Currently, the only way members (below Director Service Level) can access their payment it’s through selling their pass codes. If you are Director and above you can receive payment via Bitcoin Wallet and selling passes.

PayCard/Pass Economy 

As we move forward with the monetization of our company, Elamant will have many new options coming for its members and consultants in the near future. We are VERY excited about the current and future development of our platform and, more importantly, the proof of concept that we have been working on since the beginning. We will have many more updates coming regarding these new alternative options throughout the month. The pass system has been working well as both compensation and enrollment, but now, as we enter this new phase of monetization, we will be allowing members and consultants to choose their permanent method of compensation for both Data Points and Consultant fees! We are almost there and so ready for it!

The team

It will do you well to join Elamant with a team that will support and guide you all the way. Our team provides its team members with the techniques and strategies necessary to market your Elamant business completely online. It’s up to you as a member to keep up and not be left behind with the excuse that Elamant doesn’t work in Namibia.

Supportive and Educational platforms:

  • Active members only whatsapp group

On top of all this readily available information and support; when you become part of our team you get access to The Online Marketing Boot Camp Training. The training cost is $197 usd but it’s accessible for free for our team members. With this training, you’re going to learn techniques and strategies to grow your Elamant business online.

Time to make a decision

As some of the people had taken upon themselves to believe what the bank of Namibia had to say about Elamant and what the newspapers had to say also. People believed in these sources without themselves finding out what Elamant is all about. Yet, one bad publicity they are ready to crucify and condemn the business on the basis of hear say. Whether Elamant is for you or not, our purpose is to educate and inform and leave you to make your own educated decision. We will never convince anyone to join Elamant. The ball is in your court.

If you want to know more about Elamant get in touch with our team in Namibia.


For more information or questions you may have about Elamant, please comment below or contact  Amalia on +264812567607  or Elina +264811486837 via WhatsApp. Better yet click here to create a free Elamant account with me as your mentor. CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE!  Our gift to you!




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