How to make money with receipts/till slips in Nigeria

If you live in Nigeria and want to know how you can make money from your shopping activities. This article will break down how you can participate in data rewards programs. I am sure at a time like this many Nigerians are looking for ways to make money online. If one takes time to understand this model I am about to explain they can create a side income that can possibly grow to a full-time income.

What is Elamant and how it works in Nigeria

Let’s say you an Investor who needs to invest in Nigeria. The first thing you would consider is to do market research. Instead of hiring a marketing firm to carry out your research. You reward people for their shopping data. Each time a person brings their shopping receipt you reward them with a certain percentage. If you manage to collect a lot of receipts you will be able to make informed investment decisions based on the actual data you have.

This is what elamant does. Elamant is a reward membership program that would reward you for your shopping slips. Elamant then gives the data to their merchants and partners. Let me not go deep in how elamant works I need to touch on a few things about why you should consider taking part if you live in Nigeria. Below is a video that explains how elamant works.

Why should you consider joining Elamant right now

I have done a bit of research online about elamant in Nigeria. From what I have seen Elamant is just a baby in Nigeria. If you understand network marketing you would agree with me that the best time to be part of a company is when they are new in your country. Let’s do a comparison using google trends. I compared elamant in Nigeria and elamant in South Africa

Elamant in Nigeria

This data below shows that there are no activities online about elamant in Nigeria and compare it with Elamant South Africa

Elamant in South Africa

Let’s have a look at the trends in South africa See the data here


Who should take part in Elamant Because they stand to benefit

  • Anyone who does shopping can be part of elamant.
  • Anyone looking to make money online in Nigeria
  • Network marketers
  • Students who needs to make side income while they are at school
  • Anyone above 18 years old


The best way to get started with Elamant in Nigeria

Elamant can be confusing if you are just getting started. The best approach would be to lock arms with elamant early adopters in Nigeria and have them teach you what they know. We have a leader in Nigeria who is ready to give you all the support, answer questions you may have.

Elamant in Nigeria leader that can help you get started

TImothy +234 703 522 8331 Have a look at his webpage



One way nor the other you will hear about elamant being the talk of the town in Nigeria. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment below.


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