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How To Make Money With Your Shopping Receipts.

The intriguing world of Data Collection. A foreign concept to most common folk, but a very lucrative notion to the one percent. For those of you who find this topic rather baffling, let me enlighten you. I am going to tell you about my journey into the field of digitized market research, and how something as trivial as a shopping receipt can make you money.

Like most millennials, I was owning my skills in multitasking. I was contemplating doing my chores (which on this day so happened to be a little grocery shopping), wondering if I even looked cute enough to be seen in public and yet also wondering if I even wanted to make the effort to get out of my sweatpants. I was procrastinating on doing my school work, all in the while glued to my phone because I had fallen into a YouTube video hole. Low-key stalking my celebrity crush on social media, but also playing some Adel in the background and wishing I had enough money to do some retail therapy because “I was going through some things.” You know, an ordinary Tuesday. 

One day receipt accumulation:

I finally made it out of the house and was taking selfies in one of the grocery store aisles (because “if it’s not on the Gram, it didn’t happen!”), when one of my girls called and told me that she had found our early retirement plan. At this point, I was just amused because her every idea is supposedly going to lead to our early retirement. But as usual, she had definitely picked my interest. I told her I had a few more errands to run and then I would meet her by her nail bar in a bit. Quickly, I finished shopping for groceries, but on my way out, a cute clutch purse in a boutique window caught my eye. I rushed to put my shopping in the car and ran back to the boutique where I not only bought the purse but just had to get the matching pumps as well.

So now I’m having mixed feelings because I finally got to do some retail therapy, but at the same time, I’m out of sorts because I just spent money I had no business spending. I decided to think through the pickle I was in by stress eating, so I made my way the food court and getting myself a pizza. While I was waiting, I decided to get ice cream. Because we all know sugar always makes everything better. I headed back to my car and as I drove off, I noticed I was running low on fuel. Another untimely expense, but had to be done. I filled up the tank before finally making it to my friend. At this point, I was rather distraught because I had somehow let my spending get away from me and I was completely out of budget. 

The discovery: a company that pays for my shopping slips – Elamant.

I told my friend what had happened and she obviously laughed. She said this couldn’t have happened at a better time because she had the perfect solution for me. Selling my receipts for money. She honestly didn’t have to say more after that. She just had me at “for money!” I had accumulated so many receipts and it wasn’t even past lunchtime at this point. So to hear that I could make some of that money back? No convincing was necessary. She also didn’t have to explain why a company would want to buy my receipts off me, I knew immediately what it was for. I was just rather surprised such opportunities were available on my side of the world.

With that said, all she managed to say was that Elamant was a membership benefits club and that I would have to invite other people to join if I wanted to have the full benefits of the company. Before she could finish, I was just like, “Shut up and take my money!” To me, it was like getting returns on investment. As an entrepreneur, I understand that business is about taking a risk. It was very risky for me to join a company I barely knew anything about except for the basic concept. However, the words of one of my all-time favorite role models kept ringing in my ears. Richard Branson said, “If someone offers you an amazing opportunity but you’re not sure you can do it, say YES – then learn how to do it later!” This was true for me in many ways, but I have always been the type to know a good idea when I heard it.

This is HOW Elamant works:

After joining, I had to learn the processes and procedures on a number of things within the company. The main one being how to send the receipts and that goes as follows: You take a picture of your receipt using a phone with a good camera. Make sure the image is clear, as well as the name of the store, the item(s), and the price of the item(s) you purchased are perfectly visible/readable. The total amount and currency in which you purchased must also be clear. The receipts must not be tampered with or altered in any way. Thereafter, you upload the receipts weekly to the company (ELAMANT), through your back office as a JPEG image (Read more about uploading receipts here). Payouts for receipts are then done on a monthly basis (30 days). (Read more about redeeming your receipt money here)

This is WHY Elamant works:

As I mentioned earlier, the reason why anyone would want to pay you for your receipts is data collection. Data collection is defined as the procedure of collecting, measuring, and analyzing accurate insight for research using standard validated techniques. Thus accurate data collection is the primary and most important step for successful research on your target market. This allows for profitable business as your products and or services will be tailor-made to suit your intended market. From the research, you will know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, you will not have to waste resources on the wrong items. With that said, I think it’s quite clear why the selling of such information is a billion-dollar industry. Everyone wants their business to thrive and the best way to make sure that happens is to have all the relevant information to that endeavor. An “inside man” so to speak.

Information like what price of a commodity sells best; the color and size of it; the location that has the most sales; how many of those items are sold every month; does the time of year or season affect the purchasing of the product, etc. all extremely vital information irrespective of industry. (Read more about Elamant and Big Data here)

Last words:

How much would you pay if I had information that could guarantee the success of your business? Or better yet, what would you do if I were to tell you I would pay you 20% of every receipt you gave me? I don’t know about you honey, but as an un-kept woman, I got bills to pay! I’m out in these streets trying to be my own sugar daddy. I could definitely do with a little extra spending money! Money-back is always a plus! This is why the world of selling information is a billion-dollar industry and this is why Elamant is the best company to join to get some of that hard-earned money back.

I hope this post has shed some light on a few things for you. If you were one of those individuals who thought Elamant was a scam and had no merit or basis for their business… In the famous words of the iconic Kendrick Lamar, Be Humble!

If you have any questions about Elamant, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to join, contact me (Via WhatsApp) on +263719228114 and follow this link to create a US$99 premium account. I will be your Elamant mentor. For graciously taking the time to read through my article: CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!


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