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How to Upload Receipts on the Elamant Website.

Elamant is a market research company. They focus their data collecting through Point-of-Sale slips/receipts. Elamant collects our receipt data for target marketing. Pure example – how much would Checkers pay to see the traffic in Pick n Pay? What time you shop, what did you buy, how often do you shop there, what location makes the most sales, does the difference in price change your shopping patterns, are these purchases seasonal, etc? They can be competitive. With that said, this is not personal data collection as a receipt does not have your personal details.

Data of Interested:

Your shopping data is valuable and merchants/brand owners are willing to pay for it! This makes us recession-proof! Elamant is creating a network of millions of individuals capturing their daily shopping habits. This includes groceries, clothing/apparel, medicine, hardware, restaurants, fuel/gas (petrol/diesel), electronics, and so on. As long as it’s a physical product that you can walk out of a store with, you can collect data and claim it. Not included in data collection and cashback are services, e.g. school fees, medical aid, doctors’ bills, etc. it must be a product you can walk out of a retailer with. 

Receipt Requirements:

The Point-Of-Sale shopping receipt should show the items purchased, the retailer name, shop address, date of purchase, how much each product cost, what the total cost came up to, and the currency paid in. Once you submit a receipt, you get 20% cashback of every slip submitted.

If you prefer watching the video watch the video below

Step by step guide on receipt upload:

Once you have logged in to your account, the page will open onto the Elamant social media platform. To find where you will upload your receipts:

  • Click on the three lines on the top left menu button to expand it. 
  • Then click on the Backoffice option.
  • Scroll down to and click where it says Data Rewards.
  • Then click where it says Add Receipt.

NOTE: We upload receipts on a weekly basis. Our weeks are from Sunday to Saturday. Each retail receipt must be within US$5 to US$200 subtotal per receipt, i.e. you get the subtotal of a receipt after deducting value-added tax (VAT), Sales Tax, or any other form of Tax. The system will accept a retail receipt of UP TO a US$500 subtotal, but only US$200 will apply for the maximum of the weekly shopping allowance. Any receipt subtotalling over US$500 will not be accepted, as it will be classified as not an “everyday” shopping purchasing habit.

  • When the system prompts you to the Upload Receipts page. 
    • You will start by selecting the Date on which the receipt was issued.
    • Then you will need to add the Retail Store in which the receipt is from. (If you do not have the store details for the particular receipt you want to add, select the blue plus button. – you will then be prompted to a separate page where you can add the details of the store such as the name of the store, store address, zip code, etc. when you’re done, click on the submit button and you will go back to the Upload Receipt page.)
    • You then have to fill in the Total Amount by selecting the currency the receipt is in as well as the subtotal of the receipt to the nearest 10th, i.e. US$200.40 will translate to US$200, where a US$200.60 will translate to US$201. 
    • Select the Retail Item Type, i.e. the category(s) in which your purchase falls under. E.g. food/drink, household, furniture, appliance, health, etc.
    • When you get to the Image Files section, you will click on where it says Upload Item Receipt. Here you will need to attach a clear picture of the receipt that matches the information you put above.

NOTE: The Upload Card Receipt option is for when you pay with a card. You will also need to upload the slip/receipt you get when you use a card.

  • Finally, you will need to select a Payment Method Used. Your options will include cash, credit card, and or debit card.

NOTE: You will need to have added these payment methods in your Shoppers Profile. In your profile, you will add details of the cards you will be using for payment as well as do a small survey of a few of your shopping habits and save the changes.

  • Click on the Submit button when you’re done.
  • You will be prompted back to the Data Rewards page where it will confirm that the Receipt has been added successfully.
  • The screen will show a detailed breakdown of the receipt(s) you would have submitted in the My Receipts section. And then you are done.


Receipts are the main focus of this business, and therefore you must take it very seriously. Always upload your receipts on time and make sure they meet all the requirements. 

If you have any questions about Elamant, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to join, contact me (Via WhatsApp) on +263719228114 and follow this link to create a US$99 premium account. I will be your Elamant mentor. For graciously taking the time to read through my article: CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!

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