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Interview with The CEO of Elamant: Ryan Evans.

This is a transcript of the interview between Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma (KudaOnline) – the interviewer, and Ryan Evans (Ryan Evans [Elamant CEO]) – the interviewee. I am The Flaming Lileigh, your transcriber, and the narrator (noted in green ink – as an Online Nomad) of this interview. For those who prefer to watch the video, listen to audio, or simply download the transcript in PDF format; I have put the links below.


The Interview:


KudaOnline: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the call. This call is about helping entrepreneurs, and understanding Elamant and other important aspects of it. If you want to know more about Elamant, do feel free to visit the company website (

The title of this interview is Minutes with Element CEO. My name is Kudakwashe Sape Tshuma, and today I’m joined by Mr. Ryan Evens, the CEO of Elamant.

“Welcome to the call, Mr. Ryan Evens.”

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): “Thank you so much. Can you hear me OK?”

KudaOnline: “Yes, I can hear you loud and clear.”

Mr. Ryan Evens is the CEO of a worldwide membership benefits club. He has graciously agreed to join us in this interview to share his extensive knowledge and experience so that everyone can get a better understanding of Elamant.

“Mr. Ryan Evans, I’d love to thank you for being on the interview again.”

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Thanks for having me. No problem at all. Happy to do it.

The Foundation:

KudaOnline: I do want to forget thanking my Elamant team that has been helping me to grow and be where I am today. It’s been really amazing.

Let me just jump right into it. Me Ryan Evans, my first question for you is,

“Could you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Your background, your education, and so on. Just a little bit.”

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Well, my name is Ryan Evans. And as far as education goes, I think the school of Hard Knocks and learning with experience – making a lot of mistakes like a lot of entrepreneurs do. I think that is the pinnacle of experience and knowledge for (me) education-wise. And I always tell people that that’s the best form of education. It may be a little more expensive because you have to go through make a lot of mistakes to get things right. But I’ve been in sales and marketing for now about 17 years.

I started selling cars, automobiles back in 2004. I’ve been in sales and marketing. I’ve loved talking with people and making new connections. It’s always given me the energy to listen to new people and learn from them. And so, I was started on this path. My history started in Missouri. Missouri’s in the middle of the United States. I didn’t see the ocean until about three or four years ago, for the first time in my life.

So I was landlocked in this small, rural town where I got to learn how to survive without a lot of things going on. There was not a lot of cultural diversity either. So the opportunity wasn’t found. You had to go find it and it was extremely difficult to find an opportunity there. Small towns are like that, though.

I’ve enjoyed trying to make a better version of myself every day. That’s why I got into sales and marketing, and that’s why I continued to be an entrepreneur. I grew up in a business. Now, here we are with Elamant.

KudaOnline: Thank you very much for sharing that. Let’s jump into Elamant.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Sure.

The WHY:

KudaOnline: How did you get started? And when did you get started with Elamant?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): A previous company that I was associated with had an interesting concept that I really believed in. I believed in the idea of big data, – big data collection. I think everybody really believes in that concept – it’s proven. And the interesting concept was collecting shopping data that people are throwing away. And what could we do if we had a large database of shopping data? I thought about that being a great concept. And then I was like, “OK. So if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.” because that company that I was associated with was no longer in existence. And so I was like, “Well, if I’m going to really take this on and believe in this concept and try to make something of it; I just need to start it for myself and see what happens.”

So it’s been almost three years now in the process. It’s been a very, very interesting road. We’ve had to start this thing almost four times. Just growing, changing software, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, and focusing on the positive. That’s always what I say, “Be unstoppable! Keep moving forward and you’ll find it.” And so with Elamant, I want people to find their element. Put a piece of themselves into this company.

It also goes with receipts and shopping data. Each person has a unique shopping pattern and its valuable whether they believe it or not. You throw away receipts, so no one values receipt data. But if you collect enough of them, you get to see some trends. Instead of seeing what people like on Facebook, and what people are interested in, or what they Google – Google capitalizes on search results. We know what people actually buy.

I may like something on Facebook. I may search for something (on Google), but that doesn’t mean I actually bought it. So for an advertising standpoint, our merchants and when we unroll our merchant advertising platform; we’re going to have the ability to have merchants get in front of real customers, real shoppers. And the idea, the concept is to collect a lot of data. We have a database now, and advertisers can advertise to that database of shoppers.

It’s an interesting idea and we’re still in the beginning stages right now. (Read more about Elamant here)

The Breakthrough:

KudaOnline: Absolutely. Thank you very much. I guess you’ve actually said that the third question I wanted to ask you, – what is Elamant all about?

So, let’s talk about the roadblocks you faced earlier on and how did you overcome them? If you could just shape one moment when you were you hit an odd roadblock and you were like, “Wow! I’ve got to figure out what to do.” Can you tell us about that experience?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Sure.

And just so you know, I tend to, over-explain on my answers. So sometimes it’s going to merge into other questions that you’re going to ask. I would appreciate it if you could just roll with me on that… I want to give people as much information and be as transparent as possible. I’ve been labeled as a transparent person, and I think that comes across.

To answer your question: There have been several challenges. One that sticks out in particular, was a very personal experience for me. I’ve had several of these already with my journey with Elamant. But one, in particular, I think not only myself can draw from, but a lot of people may be listening to this could draw from as well. And that’s the idea of trusting the right people. So when I first started, I didn’t have a whole lot of funds and capital to really put into a lot of software. But what does an entrepreneur do? An entrepreneur doesn’t stop there. They can’t get an investor or they don’t have enough funds themselves to really start a company. They look for software and programmers that want a partner.

We were actually doing really well in the beginning stages of Elamant and I didn’t own the software. I partnered with the company that was doing software from Shanghai, China. After about three months, we were doing really, really well. We had about thirty thousand registered members within three or four months. All of a sudden, I got an email saying that my services are no longer needed, that they are actually changing the name of the company and I’m out!

So, I lost everything – January 2018.

I was actually very, very tough for me because I was there putting my blood, sweat, and tears into this thing, doing presentations, flying around the world, trying to really build the concept here. And it was taken away. So what I learned from that is that you’ve got to ensure that the people that you are doing business with, and the people that you are really trusting to be part of your corporate team – your executive team, have the same goal in mind, the same mind-set.

And so, I’ve been very selective over the last three years since that. It’s taught me a very valuable lesson. “Only partner with people that are very likeminded”. What I mean by likeminded is, you know how I always say, ‘Be unstoppable?’ Unstoppable is like the word commitment.

Commitment means doing what you said you were going to do long after the motion or the feeling that you set it in is gone. Right? So if you say I’ll do this until – no matter what, I’m with you forever. And then when it gets hard, you’re like, I’m out! (Chuckles) Well, no! Commitment means, still doing it! That’s when it matters! That’s what I learned.

KudaOnline: Absolutely!

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): I remember being crushed! And I remember laying out on the ground, just looking straight up into the sky thinking, “What am I going to do?” And I’m like, you know what? Be unstoppable! I keep saying it. So I picked myself up, found another company, and (partnered with) a friend of mine. We got going. We hit it hard, and look where we are today.


And actually, I can announce this now. You’ll be the first person I’m announcing this, too. But literally yesterday at about 2:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, here in The United States, we hit one hundred thousand members! It’s pretty incredible!

(Let’s pop bottles! – A celebration is in order!)

KudaOnline: Absolutely! Thank you so much. That was really a great experience. I’ll tell you a story. When I was actually proposed to take part in Elamant, one of the things that I had to do was join the Elamant Connect Facebook group. Back then, you used to do a lot of mastermind sessions. And I was like, “Wow!” The information that you were sharing in the Elamant Connect group then, was really, really valuable.

I remember back in 2015, I used to pay for mentorship classes and it (Ryan’s posts in the Facebook group) was like the same kind of content, with more value-added to it.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Thank you.

The Evolution:

KudaOnline: It’s really an incredible story. So yeah, the question that I had for you next is about the entrepreneurship skills that you possessed. Because looking at what you’ve actually done, it shows you really have great entrepreneurship skills. Of which, I think you have actually answered that from the previous answer that you give.

Now can you tell us; How Elamant is different right now as compared to when you started.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Much different, actually! We have lots of critiques out there. People that are very critical of this business. Of course, it goes with any business that starts up and it sounds like a new idea, right? For example, Facebook was ridiculed in the beginning. Everybody’s heard of Facebook now, but they were supposed to be, “The MySpace copycat”, right? So they very much struggled in the beginning. Now, no one calls them, “The MySpace copycats”, right? I mean, it’s Facebook! So it’s kind of us as well. You know? We started off being, “Oh, they’re just a copy of this other type of company” for a lot of critical thinkers out there. And so, what we started doing is take it advice – legal advice, compliance advice, looking at different customer needs, and find out how we can just take all these ingredients and put it together.

Now what you have is a better, more refined, and seasoned recipe, versus just starting out in the concept phase. We have data analysts now that are reviewing all of the data that we have. I mean, I just got off the phone with them last night. Beautiful stuff is happening right now. Like I said, that’s how I know we hit 100,000 members. We have lots of receipts being added. We have lots of categories, lots of things happening just by the end of this month already here in July 2020.

With that being said, we’re more refined. We’re more polished and we’re not done yet! We are still in the construction phase. But… Let me just give this analogy:

If we’re going to build a small house, the construction phase is easy, it’s over with quickly, and people see a house. They can judge it, “Hey, that’s a house.”

People judge us (Elamant) on an unfinished building right now. It’s like we’re building the Burj Khalifa, right? The tallest building in the world. And people are like, “Oh, that’s never going to last. The wind’s going to blow it over. It’s not going to be what you think it’s going to be.” Well, let ME decide what we’re going to do! OK? So we’re building a strong foundation and that’s where a lot of our top leaders come in. So is it different than where it was? Yup! The concretes poured, we’ve got a lot of things built now. Is that finished? No, we’ve got a lot more to go. I’m very excited about our journey.

Providing the Answer:

KudaOnline: Yeah, people should expect a lot more things coming. Thank you so much for sharing that note.

Let’s talk about solutions. Every business provides solutions, so let’s talk of solutions for Elamant merchants and partners; and solutions for Elamant members. What sort the solution does Elamant bring to those two kinds of business/people?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): In order to establish solutions, we have to find a problem, OK? If there’s no problem, then there’s nothing to solve. So let’s find a couple of problems. First of all, we know that people are throwing away data. They are just throwing it away!

So we know Competitor A and all the shoppers that go into Competitor A. They’re not going to share the data and the sales with competitor B! Why would they give Competitor B, all the information? So one challenge, that we’ve observed, or opportunity, I guess you could say is, we see that Competitor A is not sharing the data with Competitor B. But the customers walk outside with that data and throw the receipts away. What if there was a company that got in the middle of it and collected that data? We could then sell it to competitor B, right? Wouldn’t Competitor B want to know what Competitor A’s shopping is at? So that’s a solution that we found, just blindly with what we’re doing.

One of the problems that we saw from the customer standpoint is that people out there want to save money. They want to actually find ways and creative ways of making money in different things. It’s why the ‘Do It Yourself (DIY)’ projects are very popular online. They want to save money on their water bottles for example. What can you do with a water bottle? Google it! You’re going to find all types of things. Don’t throw it away. You can make this, you can do that, you can make a planter out of it, you know? Well, because people want to be thrifty with their things. So what if we could tell you the same thing about shopping data? How it is valuable to us and how we can convert that for you?

Also, we found another problem with the merchants – local merchants. Now, I can speak on this myself because I used to be a local merchant. 2013, I started a small technology repair shop – literally very, very small. I used to fix, cell phones, and computers. And what I understood was I didn’t know how to advertise because I spent a lot of money on radio ads, a lot of money on TV commercials. And I didn’t get a lot of customers. I got a lot of exposure. They call it the shotgun approach. What if we could say instead of advertising to just anybody and everybody: What if we (Elamant), Mr. Merchant, could advertise to people that are in your area that are buying what you sell? Just advertising?

KudaOnline: Absolutely.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Facebook is target marketing. Google is Target marketing. Target advertising. Target ads, cookies, tracking. But, they have to follow your history and what you search for, what you’re interested in. They don’t know what you actually bought from the point of sale, OK? So that’s the difference! And I feel like this is a great concept that’s going to take fruition over time.

I’m very passionate about it, as you can probably tell?

Elamant Compensation Plan:

KudaOnline: Absolutely! (Snickers)

So let’s talk about members getting paid. There is quite a number of things that the audience may need to know in terms of getting paid. What sort of things does someone have to do in order to make sure that they get paid by Elamant? Things like getting credited to their data points. What sort of tasks are they supposed to do?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Well, with the membership, it’s an active working membership. So you have to do things. You can’t just, get involved as a member, not do anything, and then just expect to get paid, right? So with our compliance team, we’ve been looking at people that are marketing. And we have notices that they are doing some things wrong. The real information isn’t being displayed out there.

To set the record straight: We require you to fill out a shoppers profile on yourself. Once that happens, then we’re able to check your receipts, add your favorite stores, etc. When you do those things, then you can shop at those stores, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the back office that we give you. After a week of uploading your receipts, we’re going to give you 40 data credits automatically, whether it’s approved or not. 40 data credits automatically if you’ve uploaded enough receipts. That’s the max. You can earn 40 data credits every single week until you do your first redemption.

Redemption is a 30-day process where we’re going to validate the receipts. Make sure that you weren’t uploading a duplicate of a receipt that’s in someone else’s account – you took a picture of the same receipt. We have to protect against fraud in order to get real accurate data and analytics for our merchants.

With all that being said, the whole idea is around data points. That’s the end goal here, for people to accumulate data points. What we’ve learned is that… You’re in Zimbabwe, correct?

KudaOnline: Yes, I’m in Zimbabwe.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): So we have Zimbabwe, we have Botswana, we have Lesotho, we have South Africa, we have a Swaziland, we have Namibia; some of our biggest markets, but we also have Japan, and Vietnam – also big markets.

With all that being said, there are all types of different currencies and different ways for people to qualify with their currency. What we decided to do is come up with this thing called data points. Now, as our platform progresses, we’re going to have more options for these data points. But you can convert these data points into what we call an E-pass, which you can then can sell as a membership to someone else that wants to join. Then what they’ll be able to do is just give you the money and then you get to keep 100 percent of that. That’s what we have currently in place.

We have more options coming out with our travel portal, that’s going to be launched here in a little bit. As well as converting your trash – your receipt into travel credits. You want to take these and travel. We also, over time, hoped to implement some sort of solution that you could get it in your own currency, – for approved redemptions.

There is a lot of different moving parts, just like an engine. If the engine doesn’t work correctly because one moving part is not working right, then the engine doesn’t work. So we’re very careful. We want to ensure that! Right now, we control data points. We just have to ensure that we can control every aspect of it. That way, our customer retention is good. People can understand that we have control of things.

And that’s always the best way, from at least a CEO standpoint, on customer service. (Read more about Elamant and making money from shopping receipts here)

The Drive:

KudaOnline: That was a great, great explanation and I really enjoyed that.

You’ve worked with a lot of Elamant members and I’m sure that you’ve noticed that, as in any business, people sometimes give up. From your perspective, as the CEO, what do you think stops people from reaching their goals in Elamant? If they had a chance to speak with you, what would you say to them?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): What I’m going to say is very simple. I didn’t say it’s easy, but it’s simple, OK? Just like this: the recipe to losing weight is very simple, isn’t it? Eat less, move more, right? You know what the recipe if for stopping smoking is? it’s very easy. It’s very simple. Stop putting it in your mouth and quit! Throw away all the cigarettes, right? It’s very simple, but it’s not easy. Success is the same way and I would say it starts with your mindset.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances. I can speak from that because I went from a poverty-stricken existence back in 2009 when we lost everything. We were legitimately homeless people. I had three kids at the time. I have four now but had three kids and my wife of several years. 2009 hit and we lost our two cars and we lost our house. It was very, very hard wrecking. If there is a way for you to exit life at that point, you just want the pain to go away? That was the point for me. I just wanted the pain to go away!

I realize that there is an opportunity even when it feels completely hopeless. It’s just up here (referring to the mind). You can operate better. This is scientifically proven. You operate better on a positive mindset than on a negative mindset. They actually said that the opposite, about 30 percent better. 30 percent a large margin! So if you are in a peak mode because you’re more positive and I tell you what, stay positive! In order to do that, you’ve got to surround yourself with positive people and positive influencers. With that, it doesn’t guarantee you success, it guarantees you a positive mindset. After a positive mindset, you’ve got to do stuff. You’ve got to constantly do stuff. Yes, you’re going to get nos, but that is your fault, not the company’s fault. Why would I be so hard to say that that’s your fault, not the company’s fault?

Because would you agree? (Referring to the interviewer) It’s Kodak, right? Can I call Kodak? Is that your name? (I must admit, hearing him pronounce Kuda’s name like that had me in stitches!)

KudaOnline: Yeah. Kuda, is my name.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Good. So would you agree that? There are people that are having success in this company?

KudaOnline: Yes, 100 percent! I would agree!

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): So would you also agree that there are people that are not having success in this company?

KudaOnline: I would agree, yes.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): So what’s the difference? The difference is their mindset. When people get to know this, they realize that they’ve done something wrong. Let me explain this because I feel like this is very important. Let me spend a little bit of time here. I’m not trying to train on your interview here? But I think that people watching this need to understand this if you really want some good advice…

You can take 10 people in a row and the first person that you talk to, you’re going to be super excited. You’re going to be passionate about what you believe in and unshakable! You’re going to go right to them and you’re going to say, “HEY! You should join Elamant! It’s amazing! Oh my gosh, this opportunity has changed people’s lives. I want you to be here with me!” They say, “No, sorry. I don’t think so. That mere fact, why are you doing? It’s terrible! I thought you were a better person than that!” You’re like, “OK, ok, OK. I know not to get to me.”

So the second person. “Hey. Elamant. It’s a good company. I want you with me.” You keep going down the road after they say no, no, no, no, no. By the time you get to the tenth person, it’s like, “Do you even want to join? You probably don’t even want to join. I’m not going to ask you.” Your mind-set is just so beat down. So your performance and your sales and your enthusiasm are gone. You just expect them to say no.

They always say that having faith or expectations into something gives it an actual meaning. So if you watch something like the secret or the law of attraction, you understand that what you put out, you’re going to get back. You put a lot of negativity out. You will get that back. A lot of positivity and a lot of hope and ‘Keep, being, UNSTOPPABLE!’ You’re going to get that back.

That’s my tip to you and that’s to all the viewers here. If you truly want to have success, then it’s not taking no for an answer. It’s not that, because there people going to say no. You need to expect that this isn’t for everybody. Please understand that. You cannot convince all the wrong people to join. Matter of fact, stop! You need to work on yourself. Get your presentation, understand, have a conviction. Belief and confidence. Those are two very important things that you need to have. Then you need to build your skills, your presentation skills.

I haven’t prepared anything. Matter of fact, I still haven’t looked at all the questions that you (referring to the interviewer, Kuda) prep me for the interview. I just now look at it. I’m telling you the truth, right? (Chuckles)

KudaOnline: (nods in agreement as he too chuckles)

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): So you know that I have no script here. The idea is it’s already in me, OK? People need to get that type of thing as well. It doesn’t have to be scripted. It can already be in you and it just flows out. So when you get to that personal development peak, you’ll be able to close more deals and be able to have more success for yourself.

Is Elamant a Scam?

KudaOnline: Absolutely. Thank you. I really love the aspect of the mind-set because it actually builds someone’s foundation.

One of the most burning questions that a lot of people ask. Some people may say that Elamant is too good to be true. There are people that are looking through the fence that says, “Should I take part? Should I not? It looks like these guys are having a party, but whatever is happening there is just too good to be true!” What are your thoughts on that? And how would you help those people or how would you address that?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Well, I mean, it depends on how they were marketed, OK? If they’re looking at something and it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, OK? So be very careful about how they’re being marketed. There’s reality, and there’s hype. You think every supermodel on Instagram looks like that in real life? I mean, when you look at them, they might not have every airbrush and every perfect thing. But on Instagram, they look absolutely perfect!

I’m saying that only because people tend to present the best of the best and only the best. But yet you’ve got to understand that there’s some reality as well. So if it’s too good to be true, please ask more questions. That’s what I would say. I want to be realistic with you. I don’t want to be ‘over salesy’ and hype because I personally believe it’s amazing. It’s too good to be true? Well, it is true! You know? That’s how I believe it. I get excited about it. Like, you know, this stuff only comes once in a lifetime!

But don’t take that as an enticement.  For me, I would prefer you to look at the facts. Find out if it’s better for you. And understand that not everybody is a shopper. Not everybody can shop enough to benefit at the maximum here, you know?

I always tell my leaders and all the people that I am personally talking with is that, fine a person that fits, like a piece of the puzzle. You don’t try to force puzzle pieces to fit, OK? You know, if it’s for them. They’re going to ask the right questions. When they get their questions answered, they’re going to come up with one of two decisions. It is for me or it isn’t for me. That’s it! And that’s all you want. Make sure they have enough information to make an educated decision. So if it’s too good to be true, they need to ask more questions. That’s my answer to that.

Is Elamant a Pyramid Scheme?

KudaOnline: What a great answer right there!

In one of your sessions that you posted on Facebook, you spoke about Elamant not being an MLM. It doesn’t have a multilevel structure.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Sure.

KudaOnline: I’m now talking about a compensation plan. Can you comment on that? Because at the end of the day, when people think of MLM, they think getting paid residual income, make money while you sleep and all those things. And can you explain how Elamant is not an MLM?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): You’re asking some really good question here, man. That’s good. All right. This is my favorite question probably, because I, want to make a statement here (chuckles). I do not like MLMs! I’m not a guy. That’s a fact.

How are we different? I’ve been around MLMs and I found that what I like about MLMs is the camaraderie, the people all in a team, the word of mouth advertising, the ability for people to really join hands, pick the people that they want to work with, fire their boss, all that good stuff. I like that, but what I don’t like is, they get paid while you sleep. The whole beach money where you just sit there on a beach and you have money rolling in, no matter what you do. That’s not reality, OK?

So how are we different? Every type of business and religious organization. Everything that strong is going to be a pyramid or cone shape, OK? The government is shaped like a pyramid, OK? The pyramid itself, don’t be afraid of a pyramid because that’s how things get strength. The difference is how it functions. I’ve done a lot of research and a lot of learning. What I found is most MLM companies is based on sales. Then the top person, no matter what they do, as long as they have enough people under them. They’re going to get paid for product volume or sales volume, based on the legs and things like that. I didn’t like that model, but I did like the ability that, if you Kodak (giggles) are there in Zimbabwe and you have a passion to change your life. You’re going to also work and develop your skills by doing education, training, and support.

Instead of paying you just for nothing, I would rather allow you to become a consultant and pay you per hour based on the team size that you will support and represent, OK? If you don’t put any hours in our time clock and you tell us exactly – very exhaustively – what you’ve done, then you won’t get paid. That’s very, very simple.

How are we different? We pay people for the work they do, not for sales and not for recruiting.

(Read more about what sets Elamant apart from an MLM here)

Elamant: Big Data.

KudaOnline: What a great explanation! I really loved the way you laid it out.

My next question for you is that, is there any other type of data that Elamant is planning to collect in the future? I mean, this quite a number of things to collect data for out there. For example, the weather…

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Yes. I don’t want to reveal all my secrets, but let me tell you one thing we do. The average receipt and I think I’ve shared this with anybody, but we know this internally, OK? The average receipt has forty-seven point data on it. Different points of data. From address to the actual location, the store name, how much you’ve spent, and how much tax you’ve done. What items you bought, the item number, etc. Just the average receipt has about 46 to 47. That’s a true statistic that we found through our own research. So if we’re able to collect. I don’t care if it’s 10 to 20 points of data per receipt. That’s a lot of different reports and analytics that we can get from one receipt. Now, are there any more data? Of course! Data rewards are just one element of Elamant.

The travel portal is also another way. Right now at the current pandemic. Not a lot of people are traveling. People are still shopping because you’ve got to live. You’ve got to have groceries. You’ve got to have essentials. But people aren’t traveling it because it’s not essential. When travel opens up, because I guarantee you, travel will open up! We are international people. You’re going to travel. I’m going to travel. Everybody wants to get out as soon as the quarantine is over. So we’re going to have a travel portal that collects all that data, gives them the best rate, collects the data on where they go, the patterns of our shopper and the traveler. (Read more about that here)

We’re also going to have different other types of things that we’re going to add to our platform that just creates more data. We tried to launch a social media platform called the Lifestyle Portfolio. Due to the type of server restraints on it, we’ve been having a lot of problems and issues that we’ve been able to trace back to that. We’re refining that and going to rebuild that again, but that’s another point of data because we can draw eyes. You know why Facebook so successful? It’s because you can scroll, scroll, scroll, and you’ll see a sponsored ad, scroll, scroll, scroll again. You see another sponsor, you watch a video. There’s a 15-second sponsor ad because of trying to get your eyes.

They look at your profile that can tell exactly down to the analytics how much time you spent on Facebook, how many times you’re active, how many videos you watch. They know everything! So does Google! And so does Apple! So what I want to know is what if people are on our social media platform in the future, we’re going to find the same things, be able to add more ads into that as well. The idea is how can we capitalize on what you’re currently doing and share that with advertisers that want you? They want you and you’re going to be shopping anyway! If we can incentivize you to go over there to them. It’s a win, win! (Read more about Elamant and Data Collection here)

The Future of Elamant:

KudaOnline: Absolutely. Thank you very much for breaking that down. We’re almost coming to the end of our interview.

I understand you say you don’t want to share all your secrets, but where do you see Elamant years from now?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): No problem. So what I mean by secrets is everybody knows the building we’re building, right? At least if you don’t know by now, you least know the concept. A concept is the first mock-up of what we want the model to be like. I can tell you what we want the model to be like, but the insides, like how we’re dressing it up and what kind of departments we’re putting in. All that stuff. Yeah, we’re going to keep that close to the chest because still very, very evolving. We may cut some things out. I don’t want to speak on something that may not happen in the future. I will tell you, we’ve got big plans.

What I see for Elamant is being the leading, especially in southern Africa, Vietnam, and Japan, because those are our biggest markets right now that have taken off. We’re focusing in on our Elamant economic zone. The zones that we feel like we have the best chance of succeeding in this type of environment.

We look at us being the leading advertising, direct target marketing company in those countries. The leading! Now, that’s a big statement because you also have Facebook and Google in those countries as well. But what if we could turn people’s receipt data into affordable advertising for local merchants? We start drilling in and sending people to these stores, showing merchants now how much money these customers we’ve sent to their stores because we collect the receipts. We know how much money they spent at their store.

So not only are they saying, “Well, my advertising didn’t work.” OK, we’ve got proof that we sent five thousand dollars in sales to your business, Mr. Business Owner, and you’re only paying a couple hundred dollars in advertising. “Oh, yeah.” So you don’t want to lose us as an advertising platform. See the difference? And that’s a secret, by the way. So, you know, I know this is on the business (public for everyone to see) here, but that’s kind of secret sources. The idea is pairing these all together and then in the future, is the leading company for data collection, marketing, advertising, and customer benefit. (Read more about that here)


KudaOnline: Thank you very much for sharing that.

Do you feel like I didn’t ask you a specific question? Something burning inside you that you want to share with the audience? Maybe I didn’t add it to my list. What would that be? If you have to share your final thoughts.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Yes. So I just go with the flow. I don’t really have anything in my mind, but I guess if you’re evaluating us as a company, I would suggest you put your hard hat on. You know, because we’re under construction right now. And if you don’t have your hard hat on, you’re ready to just come in and expect the walls to be up and expect the roof to be on. It’s not so. If that’s not the time for you to come into our completed building, then it’s definitely not the time for you to join Elamant.

However, if you’re the type of person that sees the vision of where we’re going and you want to put that hard head-on, grab your hammer and get to work and help us build this thing. Then absolutely, this is the time for you!

Elamant Resources:

KudaOnline: Absolutely! Thank you very much for sharing that. That was really, really valuable.

Could you please tell us where people find information about Elamant? Where they can actually learn about element? The best resource you recommend probably for someone who’s beginning and someone who has been a member.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): So you’re trying to make me plug Online Nomad, aren’t you? (Both laugh)

Actually, that’s how we came into the connection as I found your videos on YouTube. That’s the only reason why I know you.

KudaOnline: Oh? I appreciate that. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback. So when you actually reach out. I was really shocked and so surprised! I had a lot of sleepless nights, hey? When you reached out. I was like, “Really? Is this really happening?!”

(Both men laugh)

KudaOnline: So you could share with us the best place where people can get information?

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Yeah, that’s a good resource (referring to The Online Nomads’ YouTube channel and Blog). But our resources, of course, we’re refining those as well. Actually, I’m launching our official PowerPoint today. There’s been an old one out there that people are recirculating, that’s way outdated. Most of the stuff on there doesn’t even exist anymore. The rules are different and the way things operate is different. So this new company PowerPoint should be released within the next 12 hours, maximum next 24 hours. That’s going to be a good resource. That’s going to be on our Website: will take you; will take you; will take you there. We’re also refining our YouTube channel as well, with corporate-sponsored videos. So those are going to be some resources – Our Facebook page, our social media. We’ve just hired a PR team to help us with these things.

Now, that’s bigger than me. The company is not Ryan Evans anymore. The company is the company. It is all automated. You’re going to see a lot of things happen next couple of months. As far as resources, check out good, strong leaders in your area, if you can find them – good, credible leaders. If you’re in Botswana, there are some leaders there, if you’re in Zimbabwe… Zimbabwe is the second largest populated business here in Elamant. I’ll tell you what, they’re about to take the number one position. You guys are nuts in Zimbabwe!

You know what? Why don’t you send me a Zimbabwe t-shirt? I’m going to wear a Zimbabwe flag and go live one day. Be like, “Zimbabwe’s got to go on!” (Giggles) (Read more about Elamant in Zimbabwe here)

I think the short answer to that is, find every resource that you can. if they make sense and match where we are on our corporate page, then that’s probably a good, credible source.

But yeah, I do want to shout out to The Online Nomads. That’s the reason why I found you. I do believe in what you’re doing. You’re trying to make the best of all the information that you get. So I appreciate that. And hey, I hope your videos keep getting more like some more views. (Such an endorsement though! – FANGIRL SCREAMS!)

KudaOnline: Absolutely! I really appreciate your feedback on that, and I thank you. Thank you so much. I am speechless. I really don’t know how to thank you. I’m really, really speechless.

One of the other places that I’ve found in Elamant that’s a very good resource is The Member Policies and Procedures. That black and white document to me is everything about Elamant!

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): The Bible, yeah. (Nodding his head) It’s the book of all books for our business.

(Read more about how to get help/support from Elamant here)

Last Remarks:

KudaOnline: It almost answers everything, which is really, really great!

Mr. Ryan Even’s, your last words. This is the last question that I’m asking. Your final thoughts. We’re actually coming to the end of our interview.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): My final thoughts – Same way with the last thing about it. The construction idea. If you’re looking at us, put your hard hat on.

Final thoughts wise. Look, Elamant is a baby. And it happens to be my baby as well. It’s your baby. It’s all of ours. We want to take care of it. And, you know, when someone calls your baby ugly it hurts your feelings, right? So people say, “Your baby’s ugly.” You’ll be like, “HEY!” You’re going to want to protect it and you want to grow it anyway. Know it’s going to be beautiful. We know it’s going to be the best ever!

So, look. What I would say is, we’re very proud of what we’re trying to accomplish here. Yes, we’re not perfect. And I’m the first to tell you that. Do we make mistakes? Absolutely. Is our intention to do everything correctly, in the right way? One hundred percent! Me, more than anyone. I have something to prove here now. I believe in this concept so much that we have to prove to everyone in the world, especially people watching this video.

It’s happening, and I can’t wait until we’re at that point where it is completely flawless and the machine has been built. So if that’s you and you want to join us? Welcome! If not, this isn’t the time for you. Then hey, just watch us!


KudaOnline: Just watch us! I like that!

Mr. Evans, I would love to thank you so much for sparing some time with us in this interview. I understand you’re a very, very busy person. You do know how much I appreciate this! On behalf of our team, it has been a great team effort. One of the moments when we were struggling to build our team, we challenged ourselves by saying that we were going to create one video per day! It was really not easy. The team was giving me a lot of ideas. They would be like, can you talk about this? Can creative be about that? Sometimes when I feel didn.t feel like creating a video, just because the team was actually reminding me to do that, it has to lead us to where we are today.

I really appreciate our team and I appreciate your time and effort as well in changing people’s lives. You have actually brought hope to a lot of families and people around the world. I can’t wait to see Elamant grow and bring positivity to people’s lives! That being said, thank you very much for being on the call.

Ryan Evans (Elamant CEO): Thanks for having me. And hey! Be Unstoppable!


This was truly an incredible opportunity and a great honor for our team, The Online Nomads – representing Zimbabwe! I can’t wait to see what great heights our team will sorrow.

This was a very insightful interview. I would like to thank our charismatic CEO, Ryan Evans for taking the time to dazzle us with his knowledge and delight us with his presents.

I am The Flaming Lileigh, a proud member of The Online Nomads! If you want to join, contact me (Via WhatsApp) on +263719228114 and follow this link to create a US$99 premium account. I will be your Elamant mentor. For graciously taking the time to read through my article: CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!

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