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Is recruiting in Elamant hard? I say NO!

One of these days I asked in a Facebook group what is the most difficult part about elamant. Most people shared about their recruiting challenges. This article is going to help you understand the process of team building and what you need to do in order to win.

How is recruiting not hard with elamant?

Noone is good nor bad at marketing its either you are trained or not. I get flooded with other networkers promoting their offers, one of the common lines they share is ” just invest there is no need to recruit”. Look let me get this straight network marketing is all about team building if you need to make more money then you have to be comfortable with team building. When you need to recruit there are two ways you can build your team which are Prospecting or Attraction. Let me explain.

What does prospecting in elamant mean?

This is the process of going out and hunt for people who may be interested in elamant. This normally comes with a lot of rejection and disappointments. How many times have you felt like you are bothering someone? You keep sending them messages about elamant yet they don’t seem to be excited as you are. Some will say its a scam, show me the money you have made, can you pay for me, I will join later and so on. To some point, some family or friends can even start to avoid you (hahaha) talking from experience. You just have to be strong if your method is prospecting. One day they will come back to you and ask how did you do it.  Lets now look at the attraction method which is my favorite.

Attraction method to build your elamant team

This is the method used with many leaders not only in elamant but most network marketing companies. Some leaders don’t even know that they use the attraction method. Mostly attraction marketing is done online. This is whereby you attract people to you by doing that you will have a flood of people coming to your inbox begging to be part of your team. There are many ways to make this work. For me, it has been youtube videos have a look at my channel here Please subscribe if you have not done so. I share a lot of great videos there. You will see that my videos are clear and helpful. This alone has attracted a lot of people to join our elamant team. Everyone can use the video method. we all have the same youtube, we all have the same internet. There is really nothing special about my internet or my youtube channel. Attraction marketing is not done on youtube alone.

Here are some of the methods used in attraction marketing

  • Sharing a lot of testimonies with your circles
  • Sharing how much you have made
  • starting a blog just like this one
  • Writing helpful articles
  • Creating videos and sharing on youtube
  • Creating pdf manuals
  • The list goes on

The topic of attraction marketing needs very good training. It’s not something that you can master overnight check out wealthy affiliate they have great training on how to marketing any business online. (Please note that its a paid platform). They have trained well in 2015.

Understanding your level in the network marketing industry

Indeed I cannot deny that there are people making money in Elamant yet some are struggling or quitting. One wonders what makes those people that are making progress so special? The truth is, there is nothing special about the people making money in elamant, you too can be one of them. If you are to spend time with leaders that are making progress in elamant you will realize that they have a bit of experience. In most cases, they tried a different number of things before elamant came in as their breakthrough. Their experience changed their mindset. If you need to understand that if you are just getting started with network marketing you need to work on your mindset the way you think matters. Download a mindset ebook here you will learn a lot.

What are your recruiting personal goals and team goals?

Our team knows this very well that you have to set your personal recruiting goals. This can be prospecting or attraction. On the other hand, we also have team goals that we share and discuss in our elamant WhatsApp group. Most people wait on the team goals if nothing happens with the team then there is no progress. Remember you are in business for your self but not by yourself. You can read an article here by one of our team members on the importance of teamwork in elamant. If you are part of our facebook group you will realize that we have the aspect of teamwork going on there. We agreed as a team in our elamant whatsapp group that we need to start a facebook group and share valuable information and that is happening.

If you master inviting in Elamant you will make money

Besides the money, you can make from uploading receipts in elamant. You can also make money from inviting others. Make no mistake 90% of the people that you share elamant business with will give you excuses and they won’t become members. Even leaders face that rejection challenge as well. I shared about this in my other article on team building read it here . If you need to have  10 people to join your elamant team then you will need to speak to 100people 10% will eventually join. The problem comes when you have shared with 10 people and you want all of them to join that does not work.


In closing, recruiting once mastered is easy. The biggest enemy is yourself, most people want to make money without doing anything. I wish life was that easy. One thing you need to focus on if you need to make more money in elamant is to become a great inviter. Invite as many people as you can to look at the offer. Some will say YES and some will say No. Educate and inform, don’t convince. If you have anything to share please leave a comment below

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