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Make Use of What You Know To Make Money

Normsa, she lives with her two children, she is getting grant from government for her children but is not enough. How could she cover the cost of her children’s school fees, stationary and clothing as well as food for them? She says to her herself, I would have to find a job. But where? Doing what? Jobs are even scarcer these days, and she has no special training. However, Normsa she knows how to wash and iron, so she looked for someone who needed these services and as a result, she was able to make money from her skill.

Many women make a living by dressmaking. So the lesson there is: Make use of whatever training or knowledge you have that can benefit others.

What about you?

Maybe you says “I could not be like Normsa and I could not do dressmaking and I am not sure where to use my skills.”

But would you agree with me that everybody do shopping right!

Good news for you, because many people make a living by collecting shopping slips! That’s right by collecting shopping receipts, for example when their buy shoes, groceries, felling up their fuel tank and so on, they make money with the receipts they get.

I show people who are not sure where to use their skills to make money by using shopping .

Would you like to see a demo on how to make money using shopping receipts? Click links below for demo.

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