Ryan Evans-100 people R1500.00each for watching facebook live

Having attended a number of facebook lives. This facebook live by Ryan Evans has a difference. Attending these events will make you want to never miss any upcoming facebook live events from elamant. Today I will share a story of how I got R1500.00 for attending facebook live. This was given to the first 100 people who joined the live facebook feed. Before I share the store let me touch a bit on the company responsible for giving the Christmas bonus

What is Elamant?

Elamant is a company that rewards people for their shopping receipts. If you are still throwing away your shopping receipts then you are leaving money on the table. Elamant rewards you with 20% of your shopping receipts a good example. You have bought your groceries for R10 000.00 you scan the receipts and upload them on the website and get back 20% back for the receipt data you upload on the element website. Let’s get back to the R1500.00 I got for attending the facebook live you can learn more about how elamant works by watching this video here

Ryan Evans Elamant CEO

facebook live happens a number of times in a week mostly Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The facebook live is conducted by Ryan Evans the company CEO. Ryan Shares updates, training and some interviews. You may also want to check out the facebook group for some great updates. Having been on the internet space for a number of years. I must admit Ryan Evans shares a lot of wisdom.

The R1500.00 to a 100 people that attended the facebook live

Ryan Evans Elamant CEO

I had just got back home on a busy day. Had my supper, I decided to turn on my phone to check what I have been missing out. I Checked out our WhatsApp elamant group for updates. My leader posted an update about the ongoing facebook live where Ryan Evans was giving Christmas bonus of Rr1500 rands to every one sho is on the live feed. When I joined the facebook live I was number 85. This got me excited I also had to share this news with other members. I am sure more of such bonuses will continue in the future. The best way to get going is to learn what elamant is all about and make sure you are in the facebook group for updates.

Who qualified for the Elamant Christmas gift?

If you you were a member of elamant and you attended facebook live. It was just a matter of posting your member id in the comment section then data points would be credited in your elamant account. More on this later otherwise elamant members understand this better

Learn more about elamant click here

Stay up to date with Elamant

You don’t want to miss such opportunities. We invite you to be part of our team on elamant. If you would like to be part of our team please contact us hello@theonlinenomads.com . We will give you all the support you need to get going.

Do you have questions about elamant please leave a comment below

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