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Steps to adding your bitcoin address to elamant account

Step1- Log in to elamant account and go to dashboard

If you need to add a bitcoin address to your elamant account follow the steps below

Step 2- Getting your bitcoin address

Depending on the bitcoin wallet you use. Click on receive request. In my case I use blockchain. If you are new to bitcoin I recommend you go through the bitcoin for beginners course or read this article we wrote on bitcoin

Step3 – Adding your bitcoin account

Make sure you are on the request on the receive/request page. Copy the bitcoin address from your bitcoin account

Step 4- Paste your bitcoin address on to elamant

Paste the bitcoin address on the space provided in your elamant account and hit save


Step 5 – Success

Step 6 – Verification of the bitcoin address

Once your balance builds up to at least $25 dollars you can make a withdrawal to your bitcoin account. This step will verify your bitcoin address.


Please note that you also have to complete the KYC policy for bitcoin with drawals to group through.
happy earnings.
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