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Steps to Present Elamant Business with a 1 paged website

One of the best methods to share your network marketing business opportunity is to use the free resources available online to create a simple one-page website. In this article, I will share through a video all the steps you need to take. Before we jump on to the video let me explain why this is important to do. The training dedicated to our team within elamant. If you are new here and you have no idea what elamant is please watch the video here you will discover how others are getting paid for their till slips.

Why is a one-paged website important in your network marketing business?

Website design for landing page
Website image

One paged website is often referred to as a landing page. Because you are in the business of explaining your business offer you will find your self repeating the same information over and over again. This can be time-consuming and sometimes you may not be online to explain to your prospects.

There are different kind of prospects other prefer to gather the facts on their own so sending them a resource website where they can read about the business, That way they make informed decisions. And of course now and then you will come across some with many excuses like I don’t have internet data and so on. This should not stop you from making a landing page.

The elamant team-building strategy

If you have been following my training or articles in this training video here, I explained a strategy that our team is using to find leads in order to grow their elamant business opportunity. Please if you have not gone through that video you may need to do so because this video may not make any sense.

Resources for the video training below

1 The online website building tool Brizy click here

2. The website I created in this lesson click here

Watch the video training below


This lesson is a bit technical but the whole idea is to leverage the internet to get more exposure. Remember in network marketing the one the shares with the most people wins. Did I leave anything in this article? Please leave a comment below will be more than happy to assist

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