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Subscription in Elamant explained

So, why pay a subscription?

?Elamant is a Membership Benefits Company that provides many values within its platform. Travel experiences (coming soon), Cashback from Shopping receipts, Very own Social Platform and the main thing everyone wants…The Consultant Platform to earn weekly.
?Subscription is $99 usd
?When one has registered and paid $99 usd subscription fee, one becomes an active member of Elamant
?It is payable on the 28th day of each month.
?When a member is on the premium membership, the member has to subscribe each month. This is where the 28th day cycle comes in to effect.
?If on premium membership subscription is paid X3 before the payment from receipts can cover it
?Why X3?
1. $99 usd initial joining fee
2. $99 usd while awaiting verification of
     receipts (30 says)
3. $99 usd because subscription cycle is
    every 28 days.
?Then 2 days after the 3rd subscription, payment for receipts is made which will be day 60
?From then on subscription can be covered by the money made from receipts
?Please note: initial payment for receipts is $100 USD, going forward it will be $200 USD
?However, if one brings 3 direct referrals and thay remain active, then the subscription is WAIVED.
?When a person have 3 direct referrals they become a founder and start earning 5 renewal points (RP) daily to cover the subscription fee.
We will continue tomorrow with the different memberships and their benefits.
Have a lovely evening/day?
If ready to join Elamant click the link below
For more information whatsapp at: +27662579795

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