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Understand Elamant

An opportunity like no other

There are many network marketing opportunities out there; and most probably you have been annoyingly invited to join one or another. Fortunately for you I’m not about to invite you to join Elamant. This is for people who are contemplating to or have made a decision to join Elamant. Many times, what I have found is that many people when they decide to be members of Elamant they don’t understand the business opportunity at all. Therefore, I’m going to share some light in the matter.

Who We Are?

We are the unstoppable force of the moving Elephants propelled by the Elements of nature. When these parts come together, there is a mosaic of opportunities, and we become an unstoppable force — like an elephant…these energies – Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Metal – put together; that’s one heck of an evolutionary mix that has impacted human change since the beginning of time. Elamant is pioneering its own thing.

Elephants possess thick skin, they’re strong, and they’re going to keep on moving forward, no matter what comes their way just like the elements of nature. Elamant is about unity, walking in its own direction, with force and power and grace. Gentle, peaceful, and dynamic always ready for their next adventure.

Elamant is an online membership rewards platform that is created to support its members. When you join and become a member, much like a country club or gym membership, you receive many benefits and rewards! Elemant’s goal is to collect point of sale data from shoppers and generate revenue by providing target advertising to merchants and marketing partners globally.

How Elamant Works?

There are 2 ways to enrol:

  1. Register yourself using a sponsor’s link
  2. Enrol by up liner/sponsor (person who introduced you)

If you choose the first option (register using a sponsor’s link), a person who will assist, support and guide you in your Elamant experience. The sponsor must be someone who demonstrates knowledge of Elamant business and processes. As a result, don’t make the mistake of wanting to join Elamant under someone because you may know the person or be related to them. The person may not know the business. Unapologetically so, a clueless sponsor hinders business progress, it may sound crude but it’s the truth. Be wise, this is business and it has no relation to proximity nor knowing the person.

  • The sponsor will provide a link that will redirect you to the Elamant website. You should see a window like the one below (figure1). Fill in the details as required in the enrolment form.

Example of a link:


  • Note: Select the FREE package when not paying immediately or use the PREMIUM package ($99 USD) when you are paying with an e-pass or Bitcoin.
  • Provide your sponsor with accurate details which he/she will use for enrolment if one prefers this option.
  • Activation of an account using Enrolment Pass (E-pass)…this is a digital code with the value of “$99 USD” which you place on a specific slot then click validation.
  • The e-pass can be obtained from ELAMANT members.
  • E-pass can be transferred from one member to another using the ID number of the person that is supposed to receive it for account activation.
  • Transferring of e-pass takes place at the back office (personal dashboard). It is more or less like sending an e-wallet.
  • Activation of an account using Bitcoin, much like an e-pass, it’s instant after registration.

Whether you register yourself or enrolled by a sponsor the following are the personal requirements needed for registration.

  •   Name:
  •   Surname:
  •   Username:
  •   Country:
  •   Date of birth:
  •   Email:
  •   Phone number
  •   Country Code

Ready Membership fee $99usd

As I have mentioned previously, Elamant is an online membership rewards platform that is created to support its members and provides many values within its platform. Cashback from Shopping receipts, Travel experiences (coming soon) where one could get 30% – 70% off of travel expenses, Social Platform and the main thing everyone wants…The Consultant Programme, to earn weekly. When you join and become a member, much like a country club or gym membership you are required to pay a member subscription every four weeks. This is how the member subscription works:

So, why pay a subscription?

  • Subscription is $99 usd and payable every four weeks (28th day of each month).
  • When you register and pay $99 usd subscription fee, you become an active member of  Elamant.
  • When a member is on the premium membership, the member must subscribe each month. This is where the 28th day cycle comes into effect.
  •  If you are on premium membership you will pay a subscription 3 times before the payment from receipts can cover it.

Why 3 times?

  1. $99 usd initial joining fee
  2. $99 usd while awaiting verification of receipts (this take 30 days)
  3. $99 usd because the subscription cycle is every 28 days. Then 2 days after the 3rd subscription your data points for your shopping receipts will be credited which mark the 60 days.
  • It is worth mentioning that initially you will qualify for 100 data points. Thereafter, it will be 200 data points.
  • Data points can be converted to e-passes. E-pass you can sell for $99 usd, this is how you can get actual cash in your hands.
  • From then on subscription can be covered from the cash you make from receipts.
  • However, if you bring 3 people to join under you and they are premium members, remain active, then the subscription will not be from your pocket.
  • When you have 3 people under you, you become a founder and start earning 5 renewal points (RP) daily to cover the subscription fee.

Your Take

As you can see from the above information, you can either be a premium member eventually earn from the receipts that you will upload weekly or take advantage of the consultancy programme and build your own team from as little as 12 members and earn $100 usd weekly.

I need to be very blunt with you, If, you join Elamant and are content in being a premium member. That is good and well for you so long as you are clear that you will not become the next Bill Gates. In fact, even with the consultancy programme, if you are not willing to put in much needed effort in building your empire. Unfortunately, no one will do it for you, and you will not see growth. This is business, treat it as such. It is up to you to see that it flourishes. Good for you, we the Team Online Nomads have the necessary resources to see that you do just that. It is in your hands. Figure2 will illustrate how much you can make with Elamant if you build a team.


To conclude

If you understand the above when you join Elamant, you will not encounter issues because you come in knowing fully well what to expect. That being said, happy decision making.

For more infomation about Elamant, you are welcome to visit the site below:
For more information or questions you may have about Elamant, please comment below or contact me on +27662579795 via WhatsApp. Better yet click here to create a free Elamant account with me as your mentor. CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!

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