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Video Marketing Strategy You Can’t Ignore to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

You probably worried about where you were going to start from. Let’s help you be in control. People watch an average of 16 hours of video every week. (Wyzowl)

Let me explain…

Did you know -In 2020, 96% of consumers grew online and nine out of 10 viewers said they wanted to see more videos from brands. An average person is expected to watch online videos for 100 minutes per day by 2021, an increase from 90 minutes in 2015-2016.

People like you and I are looking forward to seeing even more video content in the coming year. The pandemic had a differing influence on the video marketing environment. While the video is generally seen by marketers as a more necessary tool, many see budgets limited and plans shelved. 

One hair-on-fire solution for you is using a video marketing tool called OneStream Live.

What is OneStream Live Work?

OneStream Live is your cloud-based service for programming and live streaming pre-recorded videos, as well as streaming to 40+ social media platforms in real-time, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and other custom RTMP streaming destinations.

How does OneStream Live Work for MLM?

OneStream Live enables you to program your pre-completed videos up to 60 days in advance for live streaming. 

Set the date and time when you add stream data, select your time zone, select your social accounts, and press “Schedule” to set up your live stream on several channels.

More details about OneStream Live read this article.

Expert Tip

Videos that are up to 2 minutes long get the most engagement. There is a significant drop in engagement for videos after 2 minutes. However, if you have a long video and people make it past 6 minutes – there are hardly any drop-offs in engagement. (Wistia)

How to Build a Video Marketing Strategy for MLM

Just as in the Super Bowl, you should not create a commercial and buy airtime without first making a plan. Ultimately, your video marketing strategy is what guides you. So it should be step 1 of your video creation process to have this written and concluded.

Most marketers, like you, know that video is important on a macro level and may even publish videos on a frequent basis. So how do you start a video marketing strategy that helps you to achieve more engagement and get results?

Here are a few steps for you to begin with.

 1. Recognize and define campaign objectives for your target audience.

All successful marketing campaigns need to begin with research – who do you want? What type of content is most likely to resonate, and on what channels? There’s no point in producing great video content and paying for your audience to play it on websites. 

2. Stick to your brand and read through your message.

Video may seem like a break away from other types of marketing, or a way to try out a brand new product, but it is important that viewers who watch videos know who and what is talking about them – while they might be surprised by the content.

3. Ensure that your budget is meaningful.

Many marketers are mistaken to think it is automatically a massive success if you put a ton of money into a video project. On the other hand, not spending enough on an extensive campaign might harm the image of your brand by not allowing a low-quality message to be received.

4. Optimize each channel’s videos and goals

You must ensure your videos are optimized to get as much commitment as possible, depending on the channels you choose to run your campaigns. It is important for Facebook to keep it short, to upload videos directly to the channel, and to add subtitles. For YouTube, this means waiting for your video to change and refine your target group two weeks after you start the program.

5. Test and optimize

Just as with ad campaigns for display, A/B testing should help you to determine what campaign elements work and what they don’t do. Perhaps it’s not your creative, but your message, or perhaps the time of day that you’re using or choosing the channels. Or your videos might be too long or too brief. Make sure you test and retest it in order to find out your campaigns’ perfect content and timing.

Remember videos should attract users on this stage and introduce a new audience to your brand. Viewers consider, ask for recommendations, monitor product reviews and try to find cost-effective solutions. Provide customer satisfaction with your prospects and prove why you should be selected over the competition.

What type of video content must you create?

Every video type and style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some types may be better if you want to save a certain amount of money on a long-term basis. 

This is why we disassemble some of the most common video types and styles into easy-to-understand categories.

You can begin to learn how each video type differs. Once you have strategized your objectives, you can start to choose the right video for you.

Commercial videos are brief, attention-stopping content which highlights the best characteristics of your company. They’re the most common kind of video because their primary objective is to attract new customers. Advertising is often widely used and provides only important and relevant information that the viewer may require, such as a call to action.

Social content videos – Are short video clips created solely on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more social media platforms. You may take lifestyle shots, assemble scenes relating to your product or service, make short interviews with sounds or quotes, or just take a beautiful shot.

Explainer videos – Explain your company, brand, product or service to your audience. Almost every video can be a video that explains social content, but the only requirement is a focus on how your company solves a specific problem.

A product video -Forrester analysts say video shows your product in action and contributes to increasing consumer confidence in your enterprise or brand 

Testimonial videos -They show past customers or current customers satisfied with their positive experience with your product or service.

3 Benefits of Video Content for your MLM business

  • Multimedia works well on the screens of devices. The use of multimedia formats like videos and pictures is often necessary in order to capture content.
  • Video is a convenient way to learn.
  • Your personality is familiar with video.

Bonus Benefit

  • Conversion rates increase with clips and footage.


Brands can no longer just rely on written content and images alone. What are you going to do next about your video marketing strategy to grow your network marketing business?

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