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Websites to buy bitcoin for Elamant membership

In this article, I’m going to share a few websites to buy Bitcoins for elamant membership renewals, I’m sure that if you have been an elamant member, based on the CEOs update, service levels consultant and above have to pay subscriptions. There are changes that are going on right now and you are may see Bitcoin in your account. Maybe you are wondering what is this bitcoin all about don’t worry this article will help you. In order pay for your account you have to purchase bitcoin first.

Learn what is bitcoin before you start using it (Highly Recommended)

To start off with. I want you to understand that before you use Bitcoin, you need to take time to learn what Bitcoin is, there a number of things that you need to know about how Bitcoin works. Very important. I highly recommend you take time and go through a course that would guide you on what is Bitcoin, how to send Bitcoin, how to receive Bitcoin, what is a Bitcoin address and the other things. There is a course for beginners that you can go through. It takes about less than three days to complete that course depending on your schedule.

Where to buy bitcoin in your country?

Now, let us take a look at where to buy bitcoins depending on the country that you are in. There are certain laws and regulations that govern each country. You might find that what works in another country may not work in another country. In my case, I can only give you 100 percent accurate advice based on where I live, which is in Zimbabwe. I’ve been using Bitcoin for a number of years now.

Buying Bitcoins in Zimbabwe

I understand how to use bitcoin in Zimbabwe more than in other countries. where do people buy bitcoins in Zimbabwe?

  1. Buy bitcoin from people in Zimbabwe

The first place where you need to buy bitcoins in Zimbabwe, you can buy from people. I wrote an article explaining who uses Bitcoin in Zimbabwe. Why I recommend buying from people because it’s much easier, and especially with the banking system in Zimbabwe, a lot of people would prefer to meet someone in person who gives their money in exchange for bitcoin. Send ecocash and receive bitcoin. Unlike other countries where you can connect your bank account to a website and buy bitcoin.  But I recommend that if you are going to be buying Bitcoin from people, buy from people you like, know, and trust. In your buying process of buying bitcoins from people in Zimbabwe, there are also chances that you can get scammed your Bitcoin. You give someone cash or you send someone ecocash and they don’t send you your Bitcoin in return. That is happening a lot. So make sure you buy from people like know and trust. If you would like to buy from me, please join my WhatsApp group.

2. Buy bitcoin from cryptogem if you live in Zimbabwe with ecocash or RTGS

Cgem in another website that you can actually go to buy your Bitcoin in Zimbabwe is called Cryptogem. With Cgem, you can actually go on the website and then you buy with Ecocash or Zip-It or USD. Cgem is a very good place to buy If you don’t have a person that you like, know, and trust. How it works is it protects your money and then it protects your bitcoin. The only challenge with cgem is that you may not always find bitcoin available for sale. Think of this website as a meeting place where buyers and sellers meet to do an exchange. The availability of bitcoin depends on the sellers and their terms of payments as well.

If you live in other countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia, and other African countries, you can actually try out the following and buy Bitcoin.

Buy bitcoins on Luno if you live in Africa but not in Zimbabwe will not work if you live in Zimbabwe. You create a Bitcoin account and connect it to your bank account so the money would be deducted directly from your bank account. It seats on your account and then you pay your elamant membership. And the opposite is true. Once if you receive your money in your Luno account, you can take it back to your bank account, which is not the case with Zimbabwe. With Zimbabwe, you cannot connect your bank account to the last time I tried it gave me an error message.

Coin base is ideal for the rest of the world

If you live outside Africa, I recommend you use Coinbase to buy and sell your Bitcoin its one of the popular ones that are used.

Understand that some if not all these websites there before you start using them, They may require you to complete KYC policy, you upload your proof of residence, your I.D., and the verification process in order to use their service.

What do you use in your country?

I did not cover everything that you may need to know about Bitcoin, but I just wanted to give you some ideas of where you can buy Bitcoin from and use it in your elamant business. I would like to know which country you are in and how do you go about with bitcoin please leave a comment below.

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