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What is elamant & how does it work?

ELAMANT is a membership Club registered in Singapore in 2017 and it operates Globally.
It’s a data collection company.
It offers various benefits, which amongst other things include,
*Data rewards
*Travel benefits
*Compensation plan

Here at Elamant, we upload receipts, from any shop or retailers, for 30 days and get paid R3000 on monthly basis or as long as we’re still uploading them.

Firstly :You can upload receipts from any shop/retailer.
2ndly you can upload a receipt of any product (Furniture, grocery, medication, petrol, airtime, Liquor, clothing, appliances, electronics and the list is endless.
3rdly YOU can upload receipts of anybody, even if you got it from the streets. As long as it’s clear. (That’s why we don’t struggle to accumulate R3000 monthly.)

About R7500

ELAMANT Is currently running a December promotional shopping, whereby whoever JOINS ELAMANT, upload receipts AND REMAIN ACTIVE throughout the promotion will earn R7500 out of those receipts on the 8th of January 2020.

We also have a travel portal where we get upto 70% on things like Car hire, hotel bookings, and travels, (I myself turned it into my business, because if anyone I know wanna book hotel or plane, I ask them to pay me and I then book using an Elamant travel portal with a discounted price and a difference of amounts comes to me)
However Elamant is a membership club, just like any other membership club (Virgin Active, DSTV and insurances,) We also. Subscribe monthly.

We subscribe with $99(R1500) HOWEVER Elamant made it easier to anyone who can’t afford to pay monthly subscriptions forever, By giving us an option to introduce 3 members into the Business and thus membership becomes free. (No more monthly subscriptions).

Meaning if you earn R3000 it goes straight into your pocket, you do not have to deduct R1500 for renewal.

We also have Consultancy compensation plan, where We members earn As little as R1500 on weekly basis for helping our team members. (However your team must have grown up to 12 members including your direct referrals, in order to qualify for being a consultant).
BUT WITH OR WITHOUT referrals, you still earn R3000 from your receipts.

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      1. I dont have even a cent so can i join elamant? And how to upload receipt ande should i i upload it one by one or how i need someone to explain it for me and how many receipts should i upload? To get this R1500

  1. Anyone to help me pay registration fee , I also want to join the financial freedom ..thanks in advance

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