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What is ELAMANT?

What is ELAMANT?

It is a Global membership, data company that specializes on point of sale (POS) data collection (in the form of receipts).

Why point of sale data?

Elamant sells the data to manufactures, investors, advertisers,  etc where they can use this data for market research.

Where do Elamant get the receipts?

Elamant get the receipts by engaging us in this business,, we partner with Elamant with $99/R1500 (membership fee) and start to collect receipts and upload them to Elamant monthly and Elamant pays us $200/R3000 every month.
Which data are we talking about?

Data from those shopping receipts we throw away when come out of a shop, e. g. from Pick n Pay, Checkers, OK, Food World, Shoprite, Nandos, Total service station, Edgars, KFC, QV Pharmacy etc. As long its from a Point of Sale, clear, has a date, name of the shop, address of shop and having goods bought worth of $5/R80 to $500/R8000

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How do the Company make money out of it?

By having all these receipts and shop names, information on the receipts will be analysed and see the type and the most products being bought mostly.The shops will be provided with this information so that they wont spend time to see which products are selling fast.It will be readily available for them.
-we call it Target advertising.

-however, for the company to get that information, its now asking pple who want to work as members, consultants of the company in marketing and they will be rewarded on weekly /monthly basis.
-no one will be paid whilst sitting but you have to:

1) Get these receipts which when added will have goods worth $1000/R15 000/month. Good part is it doesn’t necessarily need to be your own receipts but from anyone.

2) At least share this business with your friends, mates, family and have 3 people .These 3 people will make you not to pay monthly subscriptions for life.lf you dont have the 3 people , your money will be deducted for monthly subscriptions.

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How to get these receipts?

Guys getting receipts is the most simple task ever.

By the door shop you see a Security guard with a box full of these receipts.
Its an opportunity for you to tell him how he can make money with those receipts and you, you can ask for permission and take the receipts you want and make yourself money.
This is what we call Passive income..you get it whilst you are still going to your boss’s company.??‍♂️

Are there specific receipts?


Data mining is being done on Point of sale receipts.Those receipts you get from Food Shops, Pharmacies, Clothing shops, Hardwares, Restaurants, Fueling Stations etc.

However, on these receipts the following information is needed:

1. Date of purchase
2. Items purchased-must have names not codes
3. Address of shop
4. Currency used and mode of payment

NB:All items amount must add up to $1000/R15000 for a month.

The company doesn’t want :
-accounts receipts
-Municipal receipts
-airtime receipts
-handwritten receipts
-Services receipts
-school fees receipts

What are the benefits of being an Elamant member?

1. Data collection (receipts) – you get paid US$200/R3000 per month

2. Team building – you get paid weekly (from US$100/R1500) every Sunday. And as your team grows, more money.

3. Travel Portal – get up to 70% discounts and points when you book for hotel, car hire, flight, boat etc

How am I going to access my money

1. Elamant pass (use the money in your elamant wallet to register a new member, renew members and subscribing members)

2. Bitcoin (withdraw through bitcoin wallet)

3. Elamant Master Card- link your elamant wallet with a visa card you can apply at the back office in your Elamant account and swipe anywhere in the world

4. Bank Wire Transfer- transfer money to your local bank account FNB, Capitec, Zim Nostro accounts etc, but this one has high charges and it delays!

So what if I want to earn more…?

Yes there is a way.. Some are earning more than US$1000/week

You can be a subscriber by paying $100 and upload your till slips(receipts) and earn $100/R1500 in profits monthly without recruiting.


you can be a founder (3 referrals under you)and qualify for a free subscription by earning $5 daily ($200 monthly in profit)


you can also be a consultant with a team of 12 members and start earning every Sunday from $100 plus your monthly $200 for receipts you upload. ($600)

You can even grow your team to where you want and earn what you want.. Unlimited earnings?.. Check the table below??


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