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What to do as a new Elamant member?

Questioning your decision? 

Congratulations for being a part of this massively growing Elamant family. You have decided to take a leap of faith and yet not quite know what to expect or what to do. You are probably excited and enthusiastic to begin your Elamant journey or you are still so doubtful and questioning your decision, whatever the case, you are now in, and probably want some sort of direction to start. Fear not, I will guide you through it.

One of the Benefits

For all members of Elamant whether new or old, submission of receipts is one of the benefits worth taking advantage of. So, as a new member still finding your way this is one benefit you can’t afford to pass by.

What you need to know

We all love shopping for those special luxuries, but we also enjoy the necessities. Things that we need every day, such as groceries, fuel, restaurant meals, and medicine. Elamant strive to offer the very best in shopping data reward benefits for its members and one of the ways we do this is by allowing our members to share their current shopping experiences and receipt data for rewards and data points! What makes this program so incredible is that you can continue to shop where you ALREADY shop with NO change to your current buying habits.

Just select your own retail stores. You may choose up to 20 retail stores monthly. This includes: 

  • Groceries
  • Clothing
  • Medicine
  • Hardware
  • Restaurants
  • Petrol/Diesel
  • Electronics and so on! As long as it’s a physical product that you can walk out of a store with.

NOT INCLUDED in the cashback are receipts from any services-based business. Service based businesses include, but are not limited to: 

  • transportation services (either public or private)
  •  automotive repair 
  • computer repair 
  • chiropractic services 
  • a massage parlor
  • School fees 
  • gym memberships 
  • doctors bills
  • medical aid
  • piano lessons, etc.

A good rule of thumb is if you are paying for ‘labour’ or ‘service’ it will not qualify for Data Rewards redemption. Yes! Even online shopping is approved for  Data Rewards redemption. You may choose any online retail store but it MUST also have a physical “brick and mortar” store.

Note: Online auctions, wholesalers, or stores with no physical location, and specifically Amazon, eBay, Takealot, Zando, or Alibaba are not accepted.

Now do this

With the above information, you now have to login to your Elamant account once you are logged in you will land on your business dashboard, your backoffice. You’ll notice different option tabs on the left pane, this is where you conduct most of your business. To begin your Data Rewards Program benefits, you MUST first complete your shopper’s profile and enter the payment information. You may add your stores on the fly or as you go. You may also remove a store

once it has been entered unless you have submitted a receipt record. Once a receipt record has been entered, it will stay locked in until the redemption for that record has been submitted. Now, this is how you must complete the required information.


Updating your Shopper’s Profile:

  • Click on Data Rewards
  • Select Shopper’s Profile
  • Update your shopper’s profile by adding payment method – selecting Cash or Debit/Credit Card. 
  • Answer Market Research Questions 
  • Save your changes

You can not change your payment information until your redemption has been submitted. If you want to make a change, please wait until the current redemption is complete.

Add your stores:

  • You may select up to 20 retail stores per redemption cycle. Simply choose the most popular retail stores in your local area that you are already shopping at.
  • Type in the Store Name
  • Enter Address of store
  • Type in the city where the store is located
  • Provide State/Province
  • Enter State, Province, Region
  • Enter Zip Code if you are using a zip code otherwise try [0000]
  • Select your Country from the drop down list
  • Click Submit


  • When you click on View Stores you should see all the stores you have added. 
  • The retail store must offer retail items (not ‘wholesale’). 
  • A retail item is any physical item that is purchased from a retail store and the sale from that item creates a profit to the business. 
  • You may select any retail store or restaurant that accepts valid payment methods for their products, (such as credit/debit cards or Cash)

Add/upload your Receipts:

  • Pick a date
  • Select a Retail Store
  • Select a correct currency code
  • Type in the Total Amount from the receipt
  • Select Retail Item Type
  • Upload your receipts in image file format
  • Select Payment Method Used for your purchases

Data Rewards Redemption Instructions

Receipt and Shopping Rules –

  • Shop at ANY Retail Store (Up to 20 stores maximum per redemption)
  • Fuel (Petrol & Diesel) are accepted
  • No Online receipts will be accepted UNLESS it is also a store with a physical local retail store
  • Use ANY method of payment
  • If using a credit card or debit card, must send in both receipts.
  • 1 receipt showing the items purchased
  • 1 receipt showing the Credit/Debit transaction showing the last 4 digits of the card you are using with your member name. Cash receipts accepted
  • May use up to 3 Payment methods (cash or multiple debit cards)
  • ALL RECEIPTS MUST BE CLEAR, showing Store name, Date of purchase, Items purchased, and total amount paid.
  • Each receipt must have a minimum value of $5 USD or max of $500 USD per receipt of which a maximum of 20% of $200 (40 Data Credits) will be counted for the week.
  • A week runs from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Taxes added to your purchase totals, such as value-added taxes (VAT), Sales Tax, or any other form of Tax, will not be accepted for Data Rewards. Hence it is advisable to submit receipts with the value of more than $200 USD inclusive of tax.

Information that needs to be on a receipt: 

  • Name of the store
  • Address of the store
  • Items purchased
  • Individual price of each item
  • VAT (tax)
  • Total of the receipt
  • Currency code
  • Date you made the purchase
  • Method of payment used

Here is an example of a typical receipt you would upload and what details to look for.

Redemption Approval Process

On the date that your receipt redemption is submitted, it will go into verification and approval process for a 30-day period. On the 31st day, if approved, the total amount of the requested redemption will be immediately converted into Data Points and deposited into your Data Points account. To make the understanding of the process clearer:

  • You  have 30 days of shopping and 30 days of processing for the database to filter, approve, and process buying habits. 
  • If you are submitting Data Rewards redemption every 30 days, then they will receive redemption deposits into the Data Points account every month after the first initial 60 days.


Of course, there are still so many things you will learn along the way but I find that this is the initial step that every Elamant should understand. Our team has a hub of resources that can help you through your Elamant quest.

For more information or questions you may have about Elamant, please comment below or contact me on +27662579795 via WhatsApp. Better yet click here to create a free Elamant account with me as your mentor. CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!

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