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When to Upload Receipts after Joining Elamant

Elamant is a data collection company that bases its market research on Point-Of-Sale shopping slips/receipts. Therefore it goes without saying that by becoming a member of this exclusive member’s benefits club, you share the same vision. This is a tutorial to guide you through your first receipt upload.

(Note: All direct quotes from Elamant’s Member Policy and Procedure manuscript will be noted in darker text)

Why upload receipts?

What enticed you to join Elamant is the fact that you get paid for what you would otherwise throw away. The company put value (20% cashback) into what would normally worthless. That said, in order to reap the benefits of being part of this exclusive club, you need to follow the rules and regulations. The main requirement of being a member is to submit receipts, and so, you don’t submit receipts, you don’t get paid. PERIOD!

What kind of receipts to upload?

Elamant does not accept any kind of receipts. There are specific details that need to be on it. Here is an example of a typical receipt and what details to look for:

  • The name of the store.
  • The address of the store.
  • The items
  • The individual price of each item.
  • The VAT [(tax) to be deducted].

Note: Taxes added to your purchase totals, such as value-added taxes (VAT), Sales Tax, or any other form of Tax, will not be accepted for Data Rewards.

  • The total of the receipt.
  • The currency you purchased in.
  • The date you made the purchase.
  • The method of payment used.

NOTE: All receipt details must be clear without any handwritten adjustments. Point-Of-Sale receipts only!

Note: The purchase of prepaid gift cards, prepaid credit/debit cards, fuel cards/vouchers, or any other form of money exchange is not considered a retail purchase and will not be approved for a data rewards redemption.

Please also look at the step by step guide on HOW to upload receipts/slips.

How much to upload?

As stated by the company:

Elamant is interested in the buying habits of our everyday shoppers. Consequently, retail receipts must be under a certain total dollar value to be eligible for Data Rewards. Each retail receipt must be within $5 USD to $200 USD subtotal per receipt. Our system will accept a retail receipt of UP TO a $500 USD subtotal, but only $200 USD will apply for the maximum of the weekly shopping allowance. ANY retail receipt subtotaling over $500 USD will not be accepted, as we have classified this as not an “everyday” shopping purchasing habit.

Example: Member submits $800 USD of shopping receipts in a thirty-day period, uploading $200 in receipts each week of that period. These receipt submissions will be calculated at 20% per receipt for a maximum total of 40 Data Credits per week thus earning 160 Data Credits towards the Redemption.

With the aforementioned taken into consideration, it is in your best interest to err on the side of caution and submit receipts that are slightly about US$200. This is not only to make allowance to deduct tax, but also to guarantee that you get your full 40 data reward points each week.

Please also look at the How to Redeem Points in Elamant guide.

What is the time frame?

We upload receipts on a weekly basis. Hence, it is mandatory for new members to upload receipts in the same week they join (if they want to get paid). As a new member, your first-week cycle is from the day you join until Saturday midnight (so unfortunately if you join on Friday, you have up to Saturday midnight to submit receipts for “that week”). – One that premise, you have to get a receipt with a date that matches that timeline!

From there onward, you will work with our normal weekly cycles, which are from Sunday to Saturday (complete 7 days/168hrs). There is a timer for this process conveniently located in the Add Receipt section of your back office.

Why you should never miss an upload?

As I mentioned before, the primary objective of this business is to get paid for shopping receipts. If you don’t upload the slips, you quite simply don’t get paid!

Put into more detail, you are trying to accumulate data points each week. Therefore, if you miss a week, your total month’s points will be short and thus, you will not get the maximum payout. Dominos effect!


This is a marathon and not a sprint! Take your time to understand and grasp the concept of what Elamant is and how to operate within it, but remember, THIS IS STILL A RACE!

Please make sure to read the extensions of this article through the links I have provided throughout this piece. Make sure to also collect your bonus below newbies.


P.s. If this is all completely new information to you, you might want to read this article as well. If it’s too late for that, then this article will help.

If you have any questions about Elamant, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to join, contact me (Via WhatsApp) on +263719228114 and follow this link to create a US$99 premium account. I will be your Elamant mentor. For graciously taking the time to read through my article: CLAIM YOUR BONUS HERE! My gift to you!

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